Salt & Straw Highlights the Diversity of Thanksgiving Traditions With ‘Mom’s Mango Pie’

The ice cream shop is bringing back its Thanksgiving series, but with a brand new flavor created with the help of musician Hrishikesh Hirway and his mother.

November 03, 2022

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Photo by: John Valls/Photo courtesy of Salt & Straw

John Valls/Photo courtesy of Salt & Straw

What’s your favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal? The turkey and cranberry sauce? The stuffing? The side rolls? The pies … a la mode? No matter your answer, thanks to Salt & Straw, you can get it in ice cream form.

The ultra-experimental scoop shop, which enjoys pushing flavor boundaries in new and unexpected ways, is bringing back its Thanksgiving Series, offering an ice cream version of a complete, five-course Thanksgiving meal.

The holiday collection, which drops Friday, November 4, includes four returning flavors and one brand new one. The full array will be available for nationwide shipping and at all Salt & Straw scoop shops for $85. (Considering the high price of turkeys this year, that’s a pretty good deal.)

The four returning flavors are …

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Salt & Straw

Photo courtesy of Salt & Straw

Caramelized Turkey & Cranberry Sauce, which Salt & Straw makes by folding crispy, smoky turkey bacon from a local farm into a “caramelized brittle with thyme and freshly ground cubeb pepper” and then swirling that with a “sweet and jammy housemade cranberry sauce” to achieve a sweet, savory, tart trifecta.

Parker House Rolls With Salted Buttercream, which replicates the flavor of “warm, fluffy rolls” by “gently folding buttered rolls topped with flaky sea salt into a salted butter ice cream” for a “rich,” “decadent,” “classic” savory treat.

Roasted Peach & Sage Cornbread Stuffing, which swaps out the classic cubes of bread for “molasses-y, crumbly cornbread cookies” and then adds a “classic herbiness by steeping sweet cream with fresh sage” along with “dollops of tart peach jam simmered with warm spices and honey balsamic vinegar” to create an ice cream flavor that is bright, balanced and “woodsy.”

Photo by: John Valls/Photo courtesy of Salt & Straw

John Valls/Photo courtesy of Salt & Straw

And Pumpkin & Gingersnap Pie, a vegan ice cream that offers a warm, complex take on pumpkin spice by adding a “heavy pinch of sea salt and allspice” to the classic holiday flavor and then blends that with coconut cream and Vermont maple syrup to arrive at a silky, custardy pumpkin-pie ice cream with molasses-infused gingersnap-pie-crust bits tossed in for crunch.

New to Salt & Straw’s Thanksgiving-feast flavor array this year, presumably because one pie on the holiday table is never enough, is Mom’s Mango Pie. The new flavor draws from Indian cuisine.

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Salt & Straw

Photo courtesy of Salt & Straw

“This ice cream represents the diversity of Thanksgiving traditions with the help of musician Hrishikesh Hirway, and his mom,” according to a press release from Salt & Straw. “Realizing her secret recipe translated perfectly to ice cream, we didn’t change much. Mango pureé blended with tangy cream cheese and fluffy whipped cream creates a silky sweet curd reminiscent of her pie filling. Crumbles of salty graham cracker crust are layered throughout a rich, caramelized ice cream for a cultural mash-up that’ll be the standout star of your next Thanksgiving spread.”

Yeah, there’s definitely a lot to be thankful for this year.

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