Pringles’ Mascot Mr. P Is Shaving His Mustache

It’s all in the name of Movember.

October 15, 2021


Photo by: Smith Collection/Gado/Getty

Smith Collection/Gado/Getty

Mr. P, the Pringles mascot, is shaving his iconic mustache! (But it’s for a good cause and he’ll presumably grow it back.)

Pringles has thrown its support behind Movember, the charity that encourages men around the world to grow mustaches each November in order to raise money for men’s health issues including mental health, suicide prevention and prostate and testicular cancer.

The charity aims to change “the face of men’s health on a global scale.” This year, it’s changing the face of a beloved snack.

Every November, starting on the first of the month, Movember raises funds for men’s health by bringing people together for “Shave Down” events, which it explains constitute “a symbolic action” in which participants — including, this year, Mr. P — start clean-shaven and grow a mustache as the month rolls in to raise awareness and funds to support men’s health.

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Pringles

Photo courtesy of Pringles

You’ll be able to check out Mr. P with a freshly shaven face — minus his instantly recognizable big, bushy black mustache — on Pringles’ Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages next month.

In addition to baring Mr. P’s face for the cause, the stackable chip brand is donating $150,000 raised from Pringles sales at Kroger stores earlier this fall. Pringles says it is committed to helping Movember raise awareness, drive open conversation, and expand treatment and support around men’s mental health in the U.S.

Almost one in 10 men in America say they have experienced some kind of depression or anxiety, but less than half report that they have sought treatment, according to a National Center for Health Statistics poll cited by Pringles. And, the company notes, the issue may be more pressing than ever.

“The last 18 months have been really tough for people, their families, and friends – we’ve all seen it and felt it,” noted Gareth Maguire, senior director of marketing for Pringles, in a news release. “At the heart, Pringles is about socializing, sharing a can, and getting together – virtually or physically – and we want to motivate more men to stay connected and have real conversations about how they're feeling.”

Mark Hedstrom, U.S. executive director of Movember, echoes the sentiment.

“Mental health still remains a challenge for many people including men,” Hedstrom said. “We continue to encourage everyone to take the time to check in and be there for the men in your life. In these tough times it could be lifesaving. We hope that by sharing a can of Pringles with friends, men will be encouraged to talk more often and openly about their mental health and to have happier, healthier and longer lives.”

So get out your razors and your snacks, folks, and know that Mr. P is right there with you.

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