The New Tiny Cast Iron From Our Place May Be the Most Adorable Pan We’ve Ever Seen

It’s pretty much made for single serving portions and small spaces.

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September 14, 2022

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We love our cast-iron skillets. We use them for everything from making perfectly charred steaks and burgers to frying chicken and making omelets; they are ideal kitchen tools for their durability and versatility. However, sometimes even our favorite cast-irons can feel pretty cumbersome when trying to find room to store them in small kitchens with limited cabinet space.

Our Place has gotten a lot of attention for its Always Cast-Iron Pan, and that means that it was destined to get a sibling. In this case, it absolutely is a younger sibling, because it’s everything useful about enameled cast iron, but in a cuter, smaller package.

The new Our Place Tiny Cast Iron Always Pan is lightweight at under three pounds and measures ​​12.6 inches (helper handle to long handle) x 6.5 inches (diameter) for a 13.8-ounce capacity. Like its larger counterpart, it has a black matte enameled cast iron interior, requires no seasoning and is safe to use everywhere from the stovetop to inside the oven to on the grill.

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Our Place

Photo courtesy of Our Place

So, what is the benefit of a smaller cast iron pan? Well, size and space, for sure. But it also lends itself to all sorts of additional cooking possibilities. Want to make individual skillet brownies or cornbread? This is perfect for single portions.

The new Tiny Cast Iron Always Pan sells for $60 and comes in a variety of fun colors, from Lavender to Spice. We’ll be honest: We kind of want one of each color.

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