21 Kitchen Gadgets From TikTok That Actually Work

And most of them are under $40.

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August 09, 2022

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Whether it’s a simple, yet awesome recipe video or a clip showcasing a trendy treat we didn’t know we needed, for many, TikTok has been a constant source of entertainment and food innovation.

The video-sharing platform has also introduced us to a bevy of kitchen gadgets designed to save time and make cooking as efficient as possible. These are our favorite TikTok-approved kitchen tools that really work.

This article has been reviewed since its original publish date for accuracy, pricing and availability. We stand by our list of top TikTok kitchen gadget picks.


The Prepdeck is a must-have meal prep tool that TikTok users love. Even though it’s compact, this device features a grater, zester, juicer, slicer, garlic grater, vegetable peeler, julienne, green stripper and bottle opener. It also includes a built-in holder for your phone. It also boasts 15 microwave-safe containers of various sizes, which are marked with measurements, and a removable trash compartment, a utensil holder and a cover that doubles as a cutting board when unfolded. Not bad for a portable 21-by-6-inch box!

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When it comes to kitchen gadgets, this toaster is definitely one of the more impressive options. That’s because instead of simply spitting out a piece of toast that’s underdone or burnt, this appliance cooks your toast exactly as you like it thanks to seven different toasting options spanning varying degrees of doneness. What’s more? You can even specify whether your bread is fresh, frozen or if you just want it to be reheated. This pricey toaster that one TikToker quipped is "from the future," can also cook waffles, bagels, Pop Tarts, English muffins and more.

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There’s no shortage of tumblers or thermoses on the market, but TikTok users can’t get enough of this version from Simple Modern and it’s easy to see why. For starters, this tumbler is insulated, meaning your beverages will stay hot or cold for hours, it has multiple lid options, and comes in nearly 30 colors and patterns. As one TikToker put it, "It literally changed my life."

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For most people, the spice drawer or spice rack is one of the most disorganized parts of their kitchen. Many TikTokers agree, which is why it’s no surprise that this nifty drawer organizer has gone viral, like in this clip that has been viewed nearly one million times. As you can see, this helpful piece comes with about a dozen jars and is designed so you can see all of the spices at once. If you want to get really organized, you can grab a label maker and name each jar so you don’t accidentally grab the chili flakes when you mean to reach for the cinnamon.

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This gadget not only aerates your wine, it also pours you a glass with the touch of a button thanks to a handy and sleek spout. And if you don’t manage to finish a bottle of wine in one go, this aerator can also help keep it fresh for several days. Need more proof that this TikTok must-have is worthwhile? Check out any of the hundreds of five-star reviews on Amazon.

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As any leftover lover will tell you, how you heat that day-old pad Thai or fried chicken makes all the difference. Your leftovers stand a better chance of tasting great if you heat them evenly, which is why many people invest in a plate cover. If you have very little space, or are reheating leftovers almost every day, this plate shield that’s made the rounds on TikTok is a must-have. It has a magnet so it sticks to the interior of your microwave, meaning it’s virtually impossible to displace. It’s also designed to prevent splatter and keep your microwave clean.

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Breakfast-on-the-go is nearly impossible to do if you’re a cereal fan...until now. This portable cereal cup has separate compartments for the cereal and milk, meaning you can carry it around without your Lucky Charms or Cinnamon Toast Crunch getting soggy. What’s more? Each cup has its own hole, meaning the cereal and milk don't meet until they hit your mouth. Who needs a spoon and a bowl with this handy TikTok find?!

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If you want to learn how to make a picture-perfect egg sandwich, order these silicone rings ASAP. Just place them directly in your frying pan and crack or pour your eggs inside for a perfectly circular meal that fits beautifully on an English muffin. As this TikToker pointed out, these rings also work well if you’re making fritters or pancakes.

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If you’ve been on food TikTok at all, you know it’s packed with avocado-related tools that make the tricky green fruits easier to slice, dice and everything in between. This gadget stands out because it can actually perform three roles in one — it splits, pits and slices.

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Since it seems like almost everyone on TikTok is averse to cutting fruit the old fashioned way, it’s no surprise that this resourceful grape cutter has really taken off. It slices a grape into four equal parts with one motion and is beloved by parents of young grape-eaters who now don’t need to worry about their little ones potentially choking.

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Watermelons taste delicious, but, let’s be honest, they can be a real pain to slice without getting watermelon juice on everything you own. TikTok user @corripowell made watermelon lovers' lives a lot easier when she posted a clip of this gadget methodically cutting a watermelon up into bite-sized cubes with very little effort on her part. The video went viral and has since been liked by more than 212,000 people. We tried the slicer out, the slicer has earned rave reviews online.

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As this kitchen tool’s name suggests, it’s designed to slice a banana. However, unlike a knife, which requires you cut each individual piece, this gadget works in one swift motion and saves you plenty of time in the process. Simply place a banana horizontally on a cutting board or hard surface, line the slicer and banana up as best you can and press down firmly so the slicer goes all the way through the banana’s flesh. Reviewers love that this slicer creates uniform pieces and doesn’t have any sharp edges, meaning kids can also give it a whirl.

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Anyone noticing a pattern here? This slicer has been seen on TikTok cutting up strawberries, mushrooms, hard-boiled eggs and more. Though it’s a tad pricier than some of the other food slicers out there, the stainless steel design ensures that it will last for a long, long time. It even comes with a five-year warranty.

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Cracking an egg without making a mess can be tricky, but this beloved TikTok tool features a little edge in the center that perfectly cracks the egg without breaking the yolk inside. What’s more? This gadget doubles as a spoon rest so you can lay your spoon down while you’re cooking without getting your countertop dirty.

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This tool makes delving into a prickly pineapple ridiculously easy. TikTok user @feelgoodfoodie showed it off and received hundreds of comments inquiring about the gadget, which is also a favorite among Amazon users. Pro tip: This handy item can also be used to peel, slice and cut those tasty yellow fruits.

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Since you’re probably not venturing out to restaurants much these days, you’ve likely had to resort to making your own smoothies at home (which can be messy) or omitting them altogether. Luckily, this handheld, personal blender has you covered. It lets you blend on the go, is rechargeable as well as dishwasher-safe, and it even comes with its own mini ice cube tray. Plus, the blender portion also functions as the cup, making clean up a breeze. If the thousands of five-star Amazon reviews can’t convince you this gadget is worth a try, see it in action on TikTok.

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Not only is this ice cream maker different from the typically bulky machines that take up too much room in your already crowded kitchen, but this TikTok-approved tool makes drool-worthy ice cream in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is put your ingredients inside and toss the ball around for a few minutes while everything freezes. Just watch TikTok user @rachel_meaders whip up a frozen vanilla treat in about the amount of time it’ll take you to decide what you really want for dessert.

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Washing dishes isn’t fun, and likely never will be, but this easy-to-use soap dispenser that’s been the focus of multiple kitchen hack TikToks makes it pretty darn simple. All you need to do is pour some dish soap of your choice into the bottom container and put the lid on. When you’re ready to wash some dishes, just press your sponge into the lid. This gizmo, which you can use with one hand, dispenses the perfect amount of soap each time and allows you to clean everything more efficiently.

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If you’ve ever struggled with separating an egg yolk from the egg white, this little frog is about to become your best friend. Just crack an egg in a bowl, place the frog’s mouth right above the yolk and squeeze. In a matter of seconds the yolk and the white will be two completely different entities. As seen in a TikTok video from user @realchefpaul, this dishwasher-safe gadget (which also comes in a fish shape and a pig shape!) is a real time saver and consumers love it.

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For those of us who hate getting corn bits stuck in our teeth (who doesn’t?) this tool is a total game-changer. As TikTok user @wonderworld4u demonstrated, this handy gadget basically expertly separates them from the cob in seconds, so you're not awkwardly gnawing away at the dinner table. Trust us, your teeth will thank you for this one.

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Though not a gadget per se, we’d be remiss not to include these sweet treats in a list of trendy items that gained traction on TikTok this year. As thousands of TikTok users can attest to, these chocolate balls break open when put in contact with hot milk or water and reveal mini-marshmallows within. The result is a social media-worthy cup of hot chocolate that also happens to be pretty darn tasty.

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