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Green Party: Decoration Ideas

Give your next gathering an eco-friendly spin with these easy decorating ideas from Food Network Magazine.

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Herb Bouquet

No need to cut flowers: just raid the fridge to make a fresh herb bouquet. You can snip right from the bunch to top off your dinner.

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Veggie Place Cards

Save a few Brussels sprouts to use as place-card holders. Slice the bottom off each sprout so it sits flat, then cut a slit into the top. Trim an old file folder into squares and round the edges with a corner cutter (available at craft stores) or scissors. Tuck each name card into a sprout.

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Bamboo Holders

Make bamboo utensil holders that your guests can take home to use for pens and pencils. Pick up a pole of fresh bamboo (one of the world's fastest-growing plants) from a florist (about $8 for a 5-foot pole with a 3-inch diameter). Using a saw, cut the pole into segments at each seam, then cut the top off each segment at a 45-degree angle and smooth the edges with sandpaper.

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Cucumber Tray

Need extra serving dishes? Turn a cucumber into an olive tray! Slice off the top third of an English (or "hothouse") cucumber, scoop out the seeds and fill with olives. After the party, rinse and chop up the cucumber to use in a salad.

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