Reading List: Grocery Store Showdown, Detox Truths & Hershey’s New Candy

How to detox safely, the story behind Kellogg’s tainted waffles and new reports show up to 10% of college students have high cholesterol.

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In this week’s nutrition news: How to detox safely, the story behind Kellogg’s tainted waffles and new reports show up to 10% of college students have high cholesterol.

Food Fight: Walmart vs. Whole Foods

When you think about healthy grocery stores, I am sure that the popular Whole Foods Market usually comes to mind (and maybe some less pricey stores). But now Walmart is giving Whole Foods a run for its money. Walmart Supercenters now carry fresh produce from local farmers. This produce comes straight from nearby farms, so it doesn’t sit on trucks for days in transit, making the produce fresher and tastier AND at a reasonable price. Sounds like a winning combination!

Detox: Fact or Fiction?

Detox diets are popular these days, and tons of books and supplements supporting this craze are popping up on store shelves. Many of my friends ask me if detoxes or cleanses work and wonder if they’re safe? This excellent Chicago Tribune article really gets into these questions. The bottom line: If you’re turning to supplements and cleansing drinks to clean out your system, save your money. That's your liver's job and it doesn’t need any help. If you’re overloading on processed foods and caffeine in your diet or just want to cut back, load up on whole grains, fruits and veggies and your body will cleanse itself.

College Students With High Cholesterol

I’ve seen kids as young as seven years old with high cholesterol, a problem that often stems from unhealthy diets and lack of exercise. It was no surprise that a recent survey conducted by the University of Georgia’s Health Center found 4% of college students had high cholesterol. Other studies have found that up to 10% of students could have this risk factor for heart disease — a scary thought for such a young population. In response to their survey, the university’s health center is offering students free cholesterol screenings. The good news is that you can improve and even prevent high cholesterol by eating a healthy diet and getting your body moving.

FDA Warned Kellogg's About Tainted Waffles

Another week, another recall -- frozen waffles! But this time the FDA warned Kellogg's that their food safety measures weren’t enough! The agency sent a letter to Kellogg's in January after the health department found Listeria bacteria (which can be fatal) in their Eggo Buttermilk Waffles during an August inspection. Although Kellogg’s stated that they took corrective measures, the FDA says it wasn’t enough. Listeria is typically found in hot dogs and meats. It affects pregnant women, young children and the elderly.

Hershey’s Introduces Smaller-Sized Candies

Hershey's has responded to the recent calorie-counting craze by creating smaller-sized candies. Aside from the traditional Reese's Pieces candies, you can now purchase Almond Joy Pieces, York Pieces and Hershey’s Dark Pieces. Although the Hershey’s spokeswoman says, “Consumers needed something that was easy to snack on when on the go," don’t be fooled into thinking that this is the best alternative for great snack; chocolate is still not a healthy choice for snacking. If you are craving that sweetness, though, you could toss in a few tablespoons of chocolate pieces into a nut and dried fruit mixture for a delicious snack mix. For more information on shopping for candy and chocolate, check out our helpful tips.

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