Meghan Markle's (Super-Sane) Wedding Diet

The royal-to-be's fitness and nutrition plan is really reasonable.


Photo by: Max Mumby/Indigo

Max Mumby/Indigo

Next month, Meghan Markle will be the most talked-about bride on the planet. Millions of people around the world will be tuning in to view her vows to Prince Harry and, maybe even more importantly, what gown she chooses to wear. Like most brides-to-be, that means Markle will be doing some preparation to get ready for the big day. Here’s a peek into her shredding-for-the-wedding routine.

Staying Lean

Over the past several years, the actress has been very vocal about her love of fitness. Growing up with a yoga instructor mom, it’s no surprise that Meghan is a fan herself. As she told Women's Health UK, "I love an intense vinyasa class—and even better if it’s blasting hip-hop and done in a dark room with candlelight." She’s been spotted in London recently with her yoga mat in tow, so it’s safe to say that she still practices regularly.

The mind-body exercise is frequently touted for its ability to reduce stress, but it also offers wide-ranging health benefits that rival other forms of movement. Research has found that people who practice yoga regularly are more mindful eaters compared to their non-yoga counterparts This means paying more attention to hunger and fullness cues, which can prevent overeating.

As Markle no doubt wants to look her best on her wedding day, her committed yoga practice allows her to build lean muscle and be more aware of portion size.

Eating Vegan(ish)

While Markle has commented on several occasions that she isn’t totally vegan, she does prefer to eat this way during the week. That means snacking on apples and almond butter, green juices and large, protein-filled salads for lunch.

As a predominantly plant-based eater, she prefers legumes for her protein sources. Certain dry peas, beans and lentils or ‘pulses’ as they are known in other countries are a powerful superfood when it comes to weight loss.

Scientists at Purdue University and Bastyr University asked individuals to consume 30% fewer calories, randomly assigning them to one of three eating plans, one including 2-3 cups of pulses per day. After six weeks, all three groups lost weight but those who consumed the most pulses lost 4x the amount of weight than those who ate the minimum amount.

You don’t have to eat 2+ cups of pulses per day to see benefits. A single 1/2-cup serving provides roughly 9g protein and 7g fiber, both of which aid in fullness. Do like Meghan and add black beans, chickpeas or brown lentils to a veggie-rich salad and top with olive-oil vinaigrette for an added-dose of healthy fats.

Balancing Act

While she has commented on her preference for eating clean, perhaps the best piece of advice from Markle is that she doesn’t restrict herself too much. "It’s all about balance," she told Best Health. "Do the things you enjoy within reason. Know your body and what works for you and you'll be fine." I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

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