Halle Berry Shares Her Secret for Eternal Youth

Bone broth, she says, is why she looks so amazing.



Photo by: Michael Tran

Michael Tran

It’s probably safe to say that none of us is ever going to look like Halle Berry. At 51 (not that that is old), the luminously gorgeous actress looks almost exactly the same as she did when she was, as she recently captioned a #TBT photograph of herself on Instagram, “Suuuuuppppeeerrr young.”

Still, even though Berry’s real “beauty secret” is probably mostly good genes, a dedicated exercise routine (she works out daily even while on vacation with her kids — do you?), and whatever other magic is available only to the rich and Hollywood-famous, she has also seen fit to share one tip she swears will help us all look maybe at least a little bit as well-preserved as she: bone broth.

“You can go to the butcher and get all the bones that they’re going to throw away and they’ll give them to you for free,” the actress recently shared in an interview with Extra TV. “And you take the bones and boil them up for, like, 24 hours … and you drink the broth. It’s so full of collagen.”

At this point, of course, bone broth isn’t much of a secret at all. Food Network Kitchen’s Jonathan Milder filled us all in on the stuff more than three years ago.

“Some consume it for the perceived cosmetic benefits. Some consume it because they believe it’s performance enhancing. Some just because it tastes good and … it’s just another hot beverage,” Milder said in a video, in which he also takes us through the steps to make it. “Whatever people are consuming it for, there’s no question that it’s tasty and it’s nourishing and it’s warming and it’s pretty great on a cold winter’s day.”

You can find ideas for mix-ins to make your bone broth more flavorful here.

And on a hot summer day? Well, there’s always a bone broth ice pop, which tastes like bananas and strawberries, even if it won’t make you look like Halle Berry.

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