John Legend's Breakfast Is Super Healthy (and Green)

You won't believe how many times he eats salad everyday.



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Kevin Winter/Getty

Eating eggs and toast for breakfast is not a universal thing, and around the world there’s all sorts of breakfast traditions that go beyond basic oatmeal. And right here in America, John Legend is going beyond traditional breakfast food and trying something more on-trend for the most important meal of the day. Salad.

The EGOT winner recently told GQ he likes to have “eggs and a salad and maybe whole-wheat toast,” for breakfast.

“I have a salad with pretty much every meal. My doctor was like, 'You need to eat more vegetables, high cholesterol runs in your family.' So he had me consult with a nutritionist,” he explained. And green is it — for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

But what's a salad without some toppings? “I like cherry tomatoes, so I throw those in there. And a vinaigrette dressing,” says Legend who pairs that salad with an omelet or eggs made of one full egg and a bunch of egg whites.

“I can't have too many yolks because of cholesterol, again. I'm like an old man already, but I don't miss the yolks that much,” he says.

While greens for breakfast may sound unusual, it’s not a bad idea to get your first serving of vegetables early in the day, and it’s not without precedent, as seen by this classis Frasier clip.

Want to try a breakfast salad of your own? Check out some of Food Network's favorite salads made just for the morning, here.

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