14 Popsicle Molds That Are Perfect for Summer

It's the season of easy-to-make frozen treats.

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April 13, 2023

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Summer is on the horizon, and that means temperatures are heating up and cravings for a cold, refreshing treat are almost unstoppable. Luckily, there are more than enough products that make crafting frozen treats, like popsicles, at home easier than ever. Whether you need fun shaped popsicles for your next birthday party or something more elegant for your next BBQ, we've got you covered with a roundup of ice pop molds that make sweet, frozen treats quickly and easily right in your kitchen.

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This basic but cute silicone popsicle mold, which comes in a wide assortment of colors, will be your right-hand-man this summer! Whether you are hosting a barbeque or need a quick, cool treat, this reusable popsicle mold will make life be your go-to with its easy-to-disassemble, non-stick design.

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This silicone popsicle mold comes with room to make seven popsicles, each with fun-colored handles. They also have a circular design, which allows you to step out of the traditional popsicle shape when making your frozen desserts. This product is fun and versatile, perfect for making popsicles as well as fruit juice ice cubes and other frozen snacks.

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These silicone ice pop molds are a fun twist, making four unique penguin shapes. Additionally, the handle is a quirky iceberg shape. Not only are these molds playful, but they are just as functional as well! The design details and multi-purpose use make this product a go-to next time you're making desserts for the kids.

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This popsicle mold has a much more retro style. The mold itself is made out of stainless steel, equipped with reusable small popsicle molds, a popsicle mold holder, 50 popsicle sticks and six lids each with a leak-proof silicone seal. The stainless-steel material also accelerates the freezing process, making dessert time easy and quick!

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These dinosaur-shaped molds are another fun take on your traditional popsicle! The silicone mold makes four unique, intricately designed popsicles, and the set also includes reusable sticks shaped like fossils. This fun set is perfect for making memories or hosting your next birthday party.

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These ice popsicle mold bags are a different take on your traditional popsicle, allowing you to make squeezable, frozen tubes for snacking on-the-go. Not only can you add any ingredients you want to the bags, but they are perfect for running errands and eating in the car without all the mess.

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Not only is this set stackable, allowing you to save room in the freezer, but the horizontal design allows for a layered popsicle as well! Because the popsicle is sideways, it's easy to add layers of different flavors or even sprinkle in fresh fruit or other textured toppings. They are perfect for elevating your frozen desserts!

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Fourth of July is approaching, and popsicles are a Fourth of July staple! Your holiday party of BBQ can now be even more festive with this star-shaped red, white and blue popsicle mold pack. Yay for the holidays!

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Although Star Wars might be a little more niche, there are always an endless supply of Star Wars fans in the crowd! Why stop at movies when you can have Star-Wars-shaped popsicles as well? This set of six molds includes Stormtrooper, R2-D2 and Darth Vader.

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What reminds people of summer more than watermelons? This stackable, watermelon-shaped popsicle mold kit will allow you to combine two fun summer snacks, creating watermelon-inspired popsicles while saving room in your fridge.

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Popsicles in the summer sun evoke feelings of sticky hands on a hot day at the pool, cookout or beach. As euphoric as that is, a drip guard won’t hurt. These easy release molds protect your hands from the melting of your frozen treats.

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These popsicle molds are made from a food-grade silicone for all of your fruitsicle needs. They come in that classic indented Popsicle shape and are dishwasher safe to easily clean up any mess from making treats with the kids.

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A fresh popsicle can make the rainiest of days feel like a bright summer afternoon. Get through the spring rain before summer with these aptly shaped umbrella ice molds. Try using this as a fun alternative to the classic tiny wooden umbrella. You can freeze citrus juice for a final touch on a summer cocktail or mocktail.

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Whether it’s a fishing trip or beach getaway, these fish popsicle molds have you ocean ready. Not to mention it smiles back at you with a Goldfish-like quality.

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