Kitchen Tools That Pull Double Duty

Make the most of your box grater, kitchen towels and more!

Conquer your kitchen like a pro! Chef Cliff Crooks, host of Chef Boot Camp, stopped by The Kitchen to give two pro tips using something everyone already has in their kitchen: a kitchen towel.

Tip #1 Cliff shared how to use your kitchen towel to keep your bowl steady while whisking vinaigrettes. Roll it up and wrap it around the base of the bowl; this will keep it from spinning while you're whisking.

Tip #2 Cliff also showed how to use your kitchen towel as a salad spinner. After washing your greens, simply put them right in the center of a clean towel, then grab all the corners and spin. This is a great way to get your greens dry if you don't have a salad spinner. That's also one less dish to clean after cooking.

The Kitchen hosts also shared their pro tips for another common kitchen tool, the box grater. Jeff showed how to use a box grater to make breadcrumbs from stale or toasted bread. If you have a stale ciabatta or leftover toasted bread, run it on your grater for easy breadcrumbs every time.

Katie shared how to make cauliflower rice—and you can leave your food processor in the cabinet. Just cut the cauliflower into quarters, then run it through your box grater to make the perfect cauliflower rice that's ready to cook instantly. It's cheaper than buying pre-made, and an easy solution if you don't have a food processor on hand.

Old tools, new pro tricks, to help you be a pro in your own kitchen.

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