The Kitchen's Top 12 Ways to Do Up Dips for a Party

From the creamy onion variety to a rich queso, smooth hummus and tangy guacamole, there's a dip for every palate and party.

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Classic Hummus

Because Katie Lee starts with canned chickpeas, you don't have to worry about soaking and cooking the dried variety, which saves time in the kitchen. She uses a food processor to whirl the chickpeas, bright lemon juice and creamy tahini, plus a pinch of cumin for subtle warmth, into a smooth texture.

Get the Recipe: Classic Hummus

Strawberry and Mango Guacamole

If Katie's recipe was the ultimate in classic guacamole, then Jeff's recipe is its next-level cousin. His quick-fix dip features bright strawberries and cool ripe mango alongside a diced jalapeno for a welcome contrast in sweet and savory flavors.

Get the Recipe: Strawberry and Mango Guacamole

Roasted Tomato Salsa (Salsa Asada)

The beauty of Marcela Valladolid's simple salsa is that it will keep for up to five days, which means you can make it well ahead of a party. Dry roast the tomatoes, serrano and shallot for a few minutes to achieve sweet, smoky flavors.

Get the Recipe: Roasted Tomato Salsa (Salsa Asada)

Harissa Tzatziki Dip

Jeff Mauro transforms the classic cucumber-yogurt dip with a squirt of harissa paste, adding a spicy, smoky flavor that's balanced by the cool taste of the yogurt. Be sure to follow Jeff's suggestion to let the grated cucumber drain for a few minutes; this will prevent the dip from being watery.

Get the Recipe: Harissa Tzatziki Dip

Roasted Tomatillo Salsa

A few fresh jalapenos add a punch of welcome heat to this party-ready salsa, brightened up with a squeeze of lime juice.

Get the Recipe: Roasted Tomatillo Salsa

White Bean and Smoked Bacon Dip

Not only are there bits of bacon blended into this speedy dip, but there's also a drizzle of bacon fat, left over from when the meat was rendered, worked into the mixture; you can be sure there's no shortage of bold flavor and texture throughout.

Get the Recipe: White Bean and Smoked Bacon Dip

French Onion Soup Dip

Just as the secret to the best French onion soup is the sweet caramelized onions, so too does this dip depend on the slow, low cooking of onions. Dress up the onions with a splash of sherry vinegar and fragrant fresh thyme, then complete the dip with a duo of sour cream and cream cheese.

Get the Recipe: French Onion Soup Dip


The ultimate in classic guacamole, Katie's guac features traditional ingredients, like fresh garlic and lime juice, which she mashes into ripe avocado to turn out a chunky texture in a hurry.

Get the Recipe: Guacamole

Slow-Cooker Chile Con Queso

Once the ground beef is browned and flavored with bold chili and garlic powders, Katie moves it to the slow cooker with processed cheese and a jar of salsa to create a largely hands-off recipe that's ideal for big-batch entertaining. 

Get the Recipe: Slow-Cooker Chile Con Queso

Bacon and Egg Dip

Think of Geoffrey Zakarian's easy-to-make recipe as deconstructed deviled eggs. After chopping up the whites of hard-boiled eggs, he combines them with a smooth egg yolk mixture laced with mayonnaise, Dijon and a sprinkle of fresh chives. 

Get the Recipe: Bacon and Egg Dip

Quick Cannoli Dip

Inspired by the classic Italian dessert, Jeff's dessert dip comes together with just four ingredients and in only five minutes. He mixes rich ricotta cheese with powdered sugar, and for a bit of added decadence, he folds in chocolate chips. Follow Jeff's lead and serve fresh strawberries or cookies for sweet dipping.

Get the Recipe: QuickNoli Dip - Quick Cannoli Dip

Peanut Butter Chocolate Fondue

While perhaps not considered a dip in the most-traditional sense, fondue does allow for easy dunking, and Katie's speedy recipe promises decadent results every time. She takes the classic chocolate version one step further by whisking in smooth peanut butter for the ultimate flavor mash-up.

Get the Recipe: Peanut Butter Chocolate Fondue

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