Spike It: Frosty Lemon Limeade Margaritas

From the moment years and years ago when I first saw my mom and aunt drink a frosty margarita at the beach, I couldn’t wait to have one. I was obsessed with the grown-up slushie that it appeared to be, studded with fruit and served in a glass with a salt-covered rim. It wasn’t about having a glass of alcohol or anything; it was about drinking one of those super-fun, girly drinks with an umbrella plopped inside.

For years, I plotted what my first taste would be — a strawberry daiquiri? A grasshopper? (No, not the insect, but yes, the chocolate-mint drink.) A Creamsicle cocktail? Rum punch? They all looked so lovely, and as a massive fruit lover, I had no idea how I’d ever decide.

Until it came down to my love for all things Mexican food and Tex-Mex-inspired cuisine. Margaritas were the obvious answer for me — not even frozen margaritas, not even fruity margaritas. I ended up having a regular fabulous lime margarita on the rocks with tons of salt. Never thought it would be something I’d absolutely love, but I fell hard for it.

The first margarita I tasted was, in fact, so delicious that I never had any desire to make or taste or order a frozen margarita. I loved them on the rocks SO much — the way the salt would run down the sides of the glass and how cold the lime and tequila were. "Obsessed" was an understatement, and for me, on the rocks was the only way to go.

Then. One day. I had a wonderful frosty mojito by accident (er, on purpose). The texture reminded me of a perfect slushie drink from childhood, so I started making a frozen margarita here or there — but only making them myself. The ice-to-tequila ratio has to be just right in order to get the perfect sip without your drink becoming a watery mess before you finish it.

This one right here, filled with lots of lemon and delicious limeade, is summer in a glass. It’s refreshing in the best grown-up kind of way and tastes wonderful after a day in the hot sun. It’s tart but sweet and makes you want to spike your limeade forever and ever.

Frosty Lemon Limeade Margaritas

Serves 4


4 cups ice

3/4 cup Grand Marnier

3/4 cup tequila

3/4 cup store-bought limeade

2/3 cup simple syrup

1/3 cup fresh lemon juice

Coarse salt for the rim

Lemon and lime slices for garnish


Add the ice, Grand Marnier, tequila, limeade, syrup and lemon juice to a blender. Blend until frosty and slushie-like.

Rub the glass rims with a lime wedge and dip in the coarse salt to coat. Pour the frosty margarita into the glasses and garnish with the lemon and lime wedges.

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