Mindy Kaling Says Baby-Food DIY Is Super 'Rewarding'

She’s been posting about it on Instagram.

Mindy Kaling is an inveterate wearer of multiple hats: actress, comedian and author, not to mention producer, scriptwriter, voiceover artist, occasional director …. Now she seems to be adding both supermom and baby-food chef to her growing list of roles.

“Hey guys, it's Sunday and I’m making baby food on my IG Stories. I'm basically a chef now!” the multitalented Kalingposted on her Insta page recently.

Alongside that message is a photo of Kaling looking radiant – wearing a flowered robe, her hair and makeup just so -- in her kitchen. In her manicured hands, Kaling holds a multi-compartment container partly filled with what is presumably the fruits of her labor. (Perhaps … peaches? That’s what’s in the photo’s foreground.

“Chrissy Teigen got competition now lol jk,” quipped one commenter.

It wasn’t the first time that Kaling, single mom to a 7-month-old daughter, Katherine, took to her IG Stories to show offher homemade baby-food prep skills.

Earlier this month, she displayed her DIY baby-suitable sweet potatoes (boiled, pealed, cubed) as well as cooked green beans and poached salmon from the farmers market and sliced mangoes from the Indian store, courtesy of her dad.

“It’s the friggin’ Earth Café over here,” she quipped.

Kaling shared that she packed them all up into glass storage containers, carefully labeled with the date.

In the midst of all the baby-food-prep action, Kaling said that, even though she wasn’t much of a cook before, now that her daughter his eating foods, she’s into it, calling it “one of the most rewarding parts” of her weekend.

While the actress acknowledges that there are plenty of organic baby foods she could buy, she enjoys doing it herself, she told her fans, because "it makes me feel like a part of my daughter’s life."

Aw, sweet project, Mindy!

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