Mindy Kaling Won’t Eat This Breakfast Dish — And Other Foodie Celeb News

Luckily, Sarah Paulson’s available for leftovers.

This week, Mindy Kaling made waves with her controversial breakfast opinions. In other news, Natalie Portman got real on Instagram, Julia Michaels nibbled a sweet snack and Bobby Flay took a few pointers from Jay Pharaoh. Keep reading to catch up on all the news you may have missed. Happy Friday!

Real friends share pancakes.

Mindy Kaling may not love chocolate chip pancakes, but Sarah Paulson sure does. Sorry, Mindy — we’re Team Sarah on this one.

Pharoah + Flay Forever

Bobby Flay picked up some new skills from comedian Jay Pharoah. We’re loving this funny foodie duo!

Let’s taco ‘bout our weekend menu!

Eva Longoria whipped up a mouthwatering tray of tacos over the weekend. We’ll take all of them, please!

Natalie Portman is all of us.

The actress dove headfirst into a vegan banh mi burrito at California’s Tacos Tu Madre. Natalie, how do we become burrito buddies?

That’s just how she rolls.

Julia Michaels ate her way around a cinnamon roll between stops on tour. We agree — the middle is always the best part!

You say tomato, I say potato?

Emma Roberts struck a pose at a bookstore in Madrid, but we’re focused on her trendy tee. She looks stylish from her head to her pota-toes.

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