You Only Need an Air Fryer and One Ingredient for DIY Fritos

They’re better for you, too!

September 18, 2020

Any Fritos fan (raises hand) can tell you that there’s no substitute for the iconic deep-fried corn chips. They are a truly sui generis snack food. However, TikTok has now brought us a recipe for “DIY Fritos” that, while, OK, is not the same as the actual thing that comes in a bag, does look pretty tasty.

TikToker @wholesome_lee, who shares healthy recipes with her 95.7k followers, recently shared a video and recipe for “1 Ingredient Protein ‘Fritos’ Twists,” which she says are a “low calorie high fiber snack.”

They’re made with chickpea pasta, which is first boiled and then air-fried or baked in the oven until crispy. Once the pasta twists are “cooked and crispy,” DIY-ers are instructed to pour them in a bowl, spray them with a little bit of oil, top them with a spice blend (like cajun) and then “enjoy!”

At 68 calories per serving, the DIY Fritos may be diet-worthy. If we’re being honest, they look more like the Israeli snack food Bissli. But who are we to quibble?

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