Stumped for Mother’s Day? Try a KFC Chicken and Rose ‘Buckquet’

The vase of a dozen roses, mixed with skewers of fried chicken, is for moms who love KFC with a side of ambiance.

April 26, 2022

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Photo by: Photo courtesy of Kentucky Fried Chicken

Photo courtesy of Kentucky Fried Chicken

Hearts and chocolates may be the most recognizable ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, but it truly is the thought that counts – and part of being thoughtful is giving Mom what she truly loves. If that’s a golden, crispy bucket of fried chicken, then she’s about to receive a Mother’s Day match made in snacking heaven.

Kentucky Fried Chicken and ProFlowers have teamed up to launch the Kentucky Fried Buckquet (get it?). Just in time for Mother’s Day, this is a DIY chicken fried floral arrangement meant to be paired with KFC’s Sides Lovers Meal.

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Kentucky Fried Chicken

Photo courtesy of Kentucky Fried Chicken

The Kentucky Fried Buckquet comes with either KFC’s Extra Crispy chicken tenders or chicken that is skewered and placed in a vase – mixed with a dozen roses. Perhaps in the past, we got mom flowers and chocolate for Mother’s Day. Why not upgrade it to roses and fried chicken? That sounds like the kind of gift that really delivers. Literally.

To score this combo, order a KFC Sides Lovers Meal for Mother’s Day via the KFC mobile app or between May 1-3, and get a free promo code to pick up a Kentucky Fried Buckquet kit from ProFlowers. In the buckquet, there’ll be a dozen roses, a glass vase, skewers and more. Then, just assemble the Buckquet, and get ready to see very excited moms open their Mother’s Day surprise.

This may be the most delicious Mother’s Day yet.

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