Ikea’s Latest Plant-Based ‘Meat’ Can Be Used Wherever Ground Meat Goes

Shape meatballs and burger patties, or cook taco fillings and Bolognese with 'VARLDSKLOK.'

February 07, 2022

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Photo by: Niklas Thornblad / Niklas Thornblad Fotograf AB

Niklas Thornblad / Niklas Thornblad Fotograf AB

When it comes to DIY products with challenging-to-pronounce names (for English speakers, at least) — not to mention periodically freshening up its product line with Zeitgeist-capturing items — IKEA stands alone.

Its latest food-related offering only burnishes that reputation: Meet (not meat!) VARLDSKLOK, the ready-to-assemble home store’s new “shapeable,” frozen 100-percent-plant-based “mince.”

Having already introduced veggie hot dogs (“Just ask for KORVMOJ,” IKEA advises) and meatballs (HUVUDROLL plant balls for dinner tonight?), IKEA says its new plant-based meat substitute can be used by home cooks to put together burgers, “meatballs,” “meat” sauces and other meat-free-yet-meatlike dishes, such as in vegan tacos, lasagna, chili or Bolognese.

VARLDSKLOK is also climate-friendly, IKEA notes, adding that it “tastes like meat but [is] made from pea protein — and by eating more plant-based you reduce your climate footprint.”

Photo by: Niklas Thornblad / Niklas Thornblad Fotograf AB

Niklas Thornblad / Niklas Thornblad Fotograf AB

The launch of the new plant-based “meat” is part of IKEA’s Healthy Living initiative, which aims “to inspire and enable 1 billion people to live healthier and more sustainable lives within the limits of the planet.”

To that end, presumably, its availability (albeit in-store only) is broad: You can purchase VARLDSKLOK at IKEA stores nationwide; a 1 lb., 10 oz. bag costs $9.99.

“Shape and season as you like!” IKEA suggests.

And hej — no confusing instructions, screwdriver or Allen wrench needed!

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