This Is the Most Popular KitchenAid Stand Mixer Color in the U.S.

The hue is so calming.

November 17, 2020

Photo by: Photo courtesy of KitchenAid

Photo courtesy of KitchenAid

With more of us spending more time in the kitchen cooking and baking, a stand mixer may be the perfect gift for a special someone on your nice list. But if you’re stumped on what color mixer will bring the brightest smile? Data from KitchenAid may be able to help.

KitchenAid recently conducted a survey trying to get to the bottom of that pressing (or maybe not all that pressing) issue. The “heat map” as they call it, reveals favorite stand mixer colors and the most popular holiday treats, state by state.



Photo by: Ingo Menhard Mediendesign/Photo courtesy of KitchenAid

Ingo Menhard Mediendesign/Photo courtesy of KitchenAid

Shades of blue and green dominated the top spots, with Blue Velvet, which launched in 2018, as the most popular choice. 18 states voted for the soothing hue. Aqua Sky and Kyoto Glow came in second and third in the U.S., respectively. 10 states went for Aqua Sky, while eight states loved Kyoto Glow, a vibrant green that was named KitchenAid’s 2020 color of the year.

As for America’s favorite baked goods? Pie is a popular choice for many over the holiday, so it was no surprise that Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie got top honors. 21 states chose Apple Pie and 10 chose Pumpkin Pie. However, one curve ball was Baklava, which came in third place, ahead of the classic Chocolate Chip Cookie, which came in fourth.

KitchenAid partnered with OnePoll for this survey, which polled 5,000 Americans (100 per state) from October 6 to 19, 2020.

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