Toll House Is Giving Us Ready-to-Bake Brownies

They even come in an oven-safe baking pan!

January 18, 2022

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Nestlé

Photo courtesy of Nestlé

The holiday season is always loaded with sweet treats. From Christmas cookies to eggnog, we’re always getting dessert and lots of it. But it isn’t long until there’s more – we have Valentine’s Day. Which is just more excuse for chocolate and sweets.

Nestlé Toll House has found a way to extend the season of sweets even further by launching new Ready-to-Bake Brownies, which will be available at Meijer locations beginning in March. No one wants to have a lot of work to do when the craving hits, and these brownies require no prep, or additional ingredients. They even come with their own oven-safe baking pan and are loaded with rich cocoa and semi-sweet morsels. It’ll be a perfect way for anyone sweets-obsessed to usher in spring.

Other releases worth looking forward to include Kitchen Sink Morsels & More, which is a mix of semi-sweet morsels, caramel bits and pretzel sticks, which will be available at select Walmart locations in February and expanding to mass retailers nationwide beginning in May. Just imagine the cookies that can be made with them!

For those who can’t handle the wait, there are options on shelves right now, too. In the spirit of the (current) season, there’s Valentine Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, which is topped with red & pink heart sprinkles, and available now at grocery stores and mass retailers nationwide. Also with Valentine’s Day in mind, Strawberries & Cream Flavored Morsels & More offers graham cracker pieces, white morsels and strawberry-flavored chunks. The perfect way to make your Valentine’s Day baked goods extra adorable will be available for a limited time at grocery stores and mass retailers nationwide, beginning in February.

Easter is right around the corner, and the Easter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is returning in February nationwide. This is a chocolate chip cookie dough blended with pastel egg sprinkles.

Life ain’t easy lately, but always having an excuse to indulge in warm and chocolatey treats? We’re always on board with that!

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