Domino’s Is Again Giving You $3 to Deliver Your Own Pizza

Yup, the chain’s $3 customer carryout tips are back!

December 13, 2022


Photo by: Photo courtesy of Domino's

Photo courtesy of Domino's

So you remember how, back in February, Domino’s offered a $3 tip for, basically, delivering your own pizza? Yeah, that was cool of them, and hopefully you figured out a way to keep your pizza warm. At the time, we suggested perhaps investing your collected tip in one of those insulated pizza delivery bags, and we stand by that suggestion because, guess what? Domino’s is doing it again, so it will definitely come in handy.

The company has just announced that it is bringing back carryout tips for people who pick up their own pizzas.

“We know the effort it takes to get up and leave the house in pursuit of a hot, delicious carryout pizza,” Christopher Thomas-Moore, Domino’s senior vice president of customer and store experience, says in a press release. “Domino’s diehard carryout customers are really like carryout heroes, and to show our gratitude, we’re giving them $3 to use on their next carryout order. We hope they take advantage of it. After all, they’ve earned it!”

Last time Domino’s offered carryout tips, for a period that lasted from January 31, 2022, through May 22, 2022, customers snagged more than 17 million carryout tips, according to the pizza maker. (Assuming that’s the number of $3 tips, rather than a dollar amount, that works out to be a total of $663 million. Which is a whole lot of dough!)

To get your piece of the carryout-tip pie this time around, just place a carryout order now through March 26, 2023, and you’ll be eligible to claim a $3 carryout tip. Each tip is redeemable for an online carryout order placed the following week (with a minimum purchase of $5 before tax and gratuity). When placing a carryout order, you can also combine your $3 coupon code with your carryout offer. Domino’s spells it all out here.

Oh, and one more tip: Enjoy your pizza!

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