Stouffer’s Bloody Mary Mix Is Inspired by Its Famous Lasagna – And the Brand Is Giving It Away for Free

When you think about it, a lasagna Bloody Mary makes perfectly good sense.

November 02, 2022

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Stouffer's

Photo courtesy of Stouffer's

The Bloody Mary has been a brunch classic for some time, but part of the joy of this cocktail is that there’s so many ways to enjoy it. Traditionalists may go for vodka, while others may choose a different spirit. There are also variations as far as how spicy or savory to make it, and even what sort of garnishes to pile atop the cocktail. Everything from grilled cheese to fried chicken is fair game, though many may opt for a simple stalk of celery or toothpick of olives.

What many may have never been considered, though, is piling on lasagna – either as a garnish or in the glass. But that’s all about to change. Stouffer’s has just launched a Bloody Mary mix, and it’s inspired by its legendary lasagna.

Lasagna Inspired Bloody Mary Mix is described by the brand as “a bold and savory cocktail mixer bringing the comforting taste of Stouffer’s classic lasagna sauce to the glass.” While this may sound kind of shocking, it’s really not a big leap. Lasagna sauce includes tomatoes as a central ingredient, as does tomato juice. We have always had the foundation for this in our hearts and minds, it was just waiting to be brought to reality.

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Stouffer's

Photo courtesy of Stouffer's

This Bloody Mary mix will work just as any other, just mix it with whatever spirit you prefer. Whether that means going traditional with vodka, or going for a mezcal or tequila alternative, it’s all going to be delicious, and herb-filled. Finish it off with your favorite garnish. In this case, that just may be a tiny square of lasagna!

“For decades, Stouffer’s Lasagna has had a special place at holiday tables,” says Megan McLaughlin, Brand Marketing Manager, Stouffer’s in a statement sent to Food Network. “This season, we created a new way for our fans to enjoy the same classic Stouffer’s Lasagna taste without turning on the oven. Our Bloody Mary Mix is the perfect addition to any holiday breakfast, brunch or happy hour.”

The Lasagna Bloody Mary Mix will be available beginning November 14 at noon ET on Stouffer’s merch store. As an added incentive, each bottle of this limited supply will be free, and will come with a recipe card and a coupon for one free Stouffer’s Lasagna.

Something tells us our holiday dinner plans now include lasagna and Bloody Marys all around.

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