French’s Is Giving Away Free Mustard Dough Doughnuts on August 6, National Mustard Day

Here’s what the curious creation tastes like.

August 04, 2022

Photo by: Photo courtesy of French's/Dough Doughnuts

Photo courtesy of French's/Dough Doughnuts

How are you planning to celebrate National Mustard Day? If your answer is either with a mustard-slathered hot dog or not at all, you may need a hole new approach. This year, French’s is offering a mind-bending option: Mustard Donuts.

Yeah, take a sec to let your brain ketchup and take that in.

The mustard company has teamed up with Dough Doughnuts to bring the world Limited Edition Mustard Donuts, which they are offering for free online (shipping nationwide) and at Dough locations in New York City on Saturday, August 6 (National Mustard Day), while supplies last.

The NYC-based artisanal doughnut maker’s French’s-infused Mustard Donuts combine “the beloved flavor of French’s Classic Yellow Mustard with Dough’s signature brioche recipe, allowing mustard lovers to wake up and taste the tang,” according to the unlikely partner companies. The doughnuts, which come two to a bold, pop-art-evocative box, bring a condiment-happy twist to Dough’s classic glazed doughnut — coating it with a bright, sunshine-yellow sweet and savory mustard icing and topping the whole shebang with a yellow mustard cake crumble.

So is it good? We had a chance to try the Mustard Donuts in advance and, while the initial impression (so yellow in color, so mustardy in aroma) was a touch off-putting, the actual taste was surprisingly … not bad. They’re not something we’d choose to eat for breakfast every day, but on National Mustard Day, a welcome curiosity, an off-beat treat we’d catalog under “What the heck! Why not? You only live once!”

Photo by: Photo courtesy of French's/Dough Doughnuts

Photo courtesy of French's/Dough Doughnuts

French’s has put its own mustard spin on other unexpected foods in celebration of National Mustard Day before — Mustard Ice Cream in 2019, Mustard Beer in 2020 and Mustard Buns in 2021. “This year, we’re excited to collaborate with Dough and introduce French’s Mustard Donuts, adding our Classic Yellow Mustard to morning routines,” Jill Pratt, chief marketing officer of French’s parent company, McCormick, said in a news release. “We are as committed as ever to showing off new and exciting ways to enjoy this fan favorite condiment and cannot wait to reinvent breakfast this year.”

Dough Doughnuts owner Steve Klein noted that his company has long prided itself on “creating unexpectedly delicious flavors.”

“French’s Mustard Donuts presented an opportunity to be imaginative and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results,” Klein said. “The iconic tanginess of French’s Classic Yellow Mustard complements the sweet glaze and fluffy texture of the doughnut for the perfect bite.”

Also — keep in mind — they’re free. French’s and Dough are making Mustard Donuts (along with other French’s Mustard Donut-inspired swag) available while supplies last on National Mustard Day, August 6, at all six Dough Doughnut locations in New York City. You can also order a free box of two French’s Mustard Donuts for nationwide shipping on August 6, 2022, starting at 12 p.m. PT/3 p.m. ET, at The doughnuts ship only to U.S. locations and are limited in supply (one offer per person).

French’s is also sharing a recipe to make Mustard Donuts in your own home at So if you miss the freebies at the shop or online, doughnut despair!

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