Popeyes Is 'Testing' Chicken Nuggets in Some Markets After a 9-Year Absence

It’s about time.

February 10, 2021


Photo by: Joe Raedle/Getty

Joe Raedle/Getty

Now that the Chicken Sandwich Wars have (sort of) simmered down, Popeyes is toying with the idea of delighting chicken-loving Americans another popular poultry dish: chicken nuggets.

The bite-sized chicken pieces have recently been spotted at different Popeyes locations around the country, including outposts in Arkansas, Connecticut, Ohio and Texas. A representative for Popeyes told Food Network: “We can confirm Nuggets are being tested in some markets as a new entrée. We will keep you updated on any additional developments.”

What’s more? The Chew Boom notes that these morsels actually have a strong connection to Popeyes’ world-famous Chicken Sandwich, which led to pandemonium in August 2019. Apparently, the chain’s chicken nuggets are coated with the same buttermilk breading used to make that game-changing sandwich. The hand-battered nuggets are juicy chicken breast pieces made with white meat.

Currently, the nuggets are available at select locations nationwide in 8, 12, 24, 36 and 48-piece options. The price range for the meaty meals is $3.69 to $19.99, though exact prices vary by location.

As fast-food fans may know, Popeyes previously had chicken nuggets on its menu, but removed them from its lineup in 2012 and they haven’t been widely seen since. However, the New Orleans-based company did test out a similar bite-sized concept with a limited release of popcorn chicken in 2017.

Rolling out a menu item slowly is nothing new in the fast-food world. In fact, many chains, including Popeyes, typically like to debut some items in certain markets as a test to see how they fare. If the trial items perform well, they are often released nationwide.

Chipotle did a similar thing with its cauliflower rice in July 2020, and Taco Bell has been known to test items such as a Grilled Cheese Burrito and a Steak and Poblano Quesadilla. Starbucks even got in on the testing fun recently when the coffee giant quietly tried out the idea of an all-vegan store near Seattle.

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