Costco Churros Are Reportedly Coming Back After an Unexpected Absence

They’ve been MIA for nearly a year.

January 22, 2021
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Photo by: Bloomberg/Getty


If you’ve been craving a Costco twisted churro, it looks like you’ll soon be able to enjoy the sweet treats once again. The big-box store, which is known for its popular food courts as well as its massive lobster claws and 6.6-pound tubs of Nutella, is apparently bringing back the pastries after removing them (and a host of other sought-after dishes) from its food court menus in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic nearly a year ago.

According to a post from the Instagram account @costcobuys, there was recently a sign posted at the Huntington Beach Bella Terra Costco in California teasing the return of the beloved Spanish and Portuguese dessert. The sign includes a picture of the twisted churros and text above that reads: “COMING SOON.” Below the drool-worthy photo is the churros’ updated price of $1.49.

Additionally, another Instagram user mentioned in the comments section of this post that they had seen the same sign at a Costco in Irvine, California.

As diehard Costco fans may have noticed, there’s one glaring difference with the churros shown on the sign — the price. Prior to their mysterious absence, the churros famously cost just $1, but now customers will be expected to pay an additional 49 cents for the scrumptious snack.

However, the reason for the price hike has nothing to do with Costco trying to make an extra few bucks. When the churros do return, they will reportedly be a tad different from their sugar and cinnamon-covered predecessors. In fact, these new and improved churros will be larger than the earlier versions and be made with a new recipe featuring dough that’s braided with butter and cinnamon.

Though the new churros haven’t dropped yet, and Costco has given no hints as to when they might make their triumphant return, the larger churros were apparently in testing at one location in Oxnard, California, back in August 2020.

Not surprisingly, social media users are psyched about the churros’ impending return. “OMG BEST NEWS OF THE DAY! 😍,” wrote one Instagram user. Another added: “That’s awesome! Now bring back the chocolate fro-yo!”

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