Taco Bell Is Bringing Back the Enchirito After Almost a Decade

The fans have spoken.

October 12, 2022


Photo by: Photo courtesy of Taco Bell

Photo courtesy of Taco Bell

And the winner is … the Enchirito!

The discontinued Taco Bell menu item — removed from the fast-food chain’s lineup nearly a decade ago, in 2013 — has been chosen by fans to make a comeback.

A soft flour tortilla that is loaded with beef, beans and onions, rolled up, doused with red sauce and topped with cheddar cheese, the Enchirito beat out the Double Decker Taco in a direct face-off, collecting a decisive 62 percent of the more than 760,000 votes cast on the Taco Bell app between September 27 and October 6.

The returning fan favorite, which was first introduced all the way back in 1970, when the chain was only eight years into its existence, will return to Taco Bell menus on November 17, but only for a very limited time: It will disappear again on November 30. So, if you want to snag one — you can order it online, through the app, or at Taco Bell locations nationwide — you should probably act fast.

Responding to Taco Bell’s announcement on Twitter — “This one’s all you, #TeamEnchirito,” the brand wrote — Enchirito’s significant fan base was apparently pleased. “LETS GOOOOOO,” one fan wrote.

Double Decker Taco devotees, though, were understandably disappointed. “I WANT MYY DOUBLE DECKER !!” one hollered. Another harumphed, “I can't believe y’all voted for the Enchirito.... and not the double decker taco.. ‘Unfriends.'”

Maybe next time, Double Decker fans …

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