McDonald’s Enters the Spicy Chicken Nugget Games

After the return of Burger King and Wendy’s fiery versions, the fast food giant is introducing a twist on its classic for the first time since 1983.

August 26, 2020

Photo by: Photo courtesy of McDonald's

Photo courtesy of McDonald's

Plenty of things have changed since 1983, the year McDonald’s first introduced Chicken McNuggets to a finger-food hungry world. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the McNuggets themselves … until now.

Months after Burger King and a year after Wendy’s brought back each of their takes on hot nuggets, McDonald’s announced the launch of a new, limited time-only version of its iconic chicken pieces — Spicy Chicken McNuggets — its first McNugget innovation since the launch of the original nearly four decades ago. The new McNuggets, which will be available alongside regular McNuggets on menus starting September 16 at participating restaurants nationwide, will feature a tempura coating including cayenne and chili peppers.

With all those peppers, they’ll definitely pack a punch. But those who crave even more heat can opt for a new dipping sauce, Mighty Hot Sauce. The chain’s first new sauce since 2017, and reputed to be the hottest one yet, will boast a spicy mix of chili pepper and crushed red pepper.

“This is the first time we’ve introduced a new flavor of our classic Chicken McNuggets in the U.S. since they came to menus in 1983,” Linda VanGosen, McDonald’s vice president of menu innovation, said in an announcement. “As our customers have been asking for Spicy McNuggets for some time now, we couldn’t think of a better time to bring them to our menus. We can’t wait for McNuggets fans to get a taste of these new spicy options.”

Photo by: Photo courtesy of McDonald's

Photo courtesy of McDonald's

Of course, once they’re all heated up, McDonald’s diners may want to cool down. The chain has taken this into consideration, introducing a new dessert item that will also be available for a limited time at participating restaurants beginning September 16: The Chips Ahoy! McFlurry. The new McFlurry flavor — which will augment, rather than supplant, the two classic McFlurry flavors, Oreo and M&M’s — will feature pieces of Chips Ahoy! cookies blended into vanilla soft-serve ice cream and drizzled with caramel topping.

Excitement for the new menu items is already heating up.

“LETS GOO,” cheered one Twitter user.

“2020 is saved,” another wrote.

Nothing like a new take on a beloved fried food to rescue the day.

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