Are Burger King’s New Ghost Pepper Nuggets Even That Spicy?

Here’s what the internet had to say.

October 07, 2021

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Burger King

Photo courtesy of Burger King

Burger King has a couple of exciting nuggets of news for two different kinds of chicken nugget lovers: those who avoid meat and those who embrace heat.

Those in the first category will be pleased to hear that, starting on October 11, the fast-food chain will begin testing Impossible Nuggets Made from Plants in select markets nationwide, including Des Moines, Boston and Miami. The plant-based chicken nuggets will be available as an eight-piece order — with a dipping sauce of your choice.

The move makes Burger King the first quick-serve restaurant to test Impossible Foods’ plant-based nuggets, which the company describes as having “the savory taste of a family favorite, with a golden-brown crispy breading on the outside and a tender, juicy bite on the inside.”

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Burger King

Photo courtesy of Burger King

Burger King and Impossible previously teamed up, in 2019, to add a plant-based Impossible patty and Impossible Whopper to BK menus.

“So,” Ellie Doty, chief marketing officer of Burger King North America said in a news release, “it’s only fitting we’re the first global QSR to test the Impossible Nuggets.”

“We’re excited to hear what our guests in the test markets think of this latest innovation,” Doty added.

And for heat-craving nugget lovers who are not averse to meat? Burger King is launching an innovative new menu item for them, too: Ghost Pepper Chicken Nuggets, which will be available nationwide starting on October 11, though only for a limited time.

The white meat breaded chicken nuggets that have been “kicked up with fiery ghost pepper,” are “the perfect balance between flavor and heat,” the fast-food chain boasts.

There has been some skepticism amongst fast-food fans online whether Burger King’s new nuggets will be really, you know, ghost-pepper-level spicy. (Ghost peppers are purported to be the world’s hottest peppers and to merit a very cautious approach, in case you didn’t know.)

“There is a trend in fast food to call everything spicy ghost pepper in order to drum up hype. Does anyone know if this is actually that spicy?” wondered one commenter on reddit.

Advance reviews indicate that Burger King did not, in fact, stint on the heat.

“Ooooh. Whoa. Very spicy,” declared YouTuber Ian K, taking his first bite of the hot new nuggets in a recent video on his Peep This Out channel. “Wow, a little bit of a creeper right there. I wasn’t really getting too much heat but, oh, man … mmm … these are heated.”

“Overall, I think the spice level is actually perfect for a mainstream ghost pepper chicken nugget,” opined Timmy Timato on the YouTube channel Timmy’s Takeout. “It’s not too spicy but it does get the job done. It is spicy.”

Heat seekers can wait until October 11 to try the Ghost Pepper Chicken Nuggets themselves or get early access as a BK Royal Perks member on the BK app. You can currently get an eight-piece order of Ghost Pepper Chicken Nuggets, which comes with two dips of your choice, via the app for $1.49 each, or a four-piece order, with one dip of your choice, for $1.19.

And yeah, they sound like a great way to celebrate Halloween, unless you’re afraid of g-g-ghost peppers.

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