Cinnamon Toast Crunch Is Adding A Fiery Kick to Your Morning Cereal

General Mills’ limited-edition CinnaFuego Toast Crunch pairs the 'hot sensation of a spicy pepper' with sweet Cinnadust.

August 01, 2022

Photo by: Photo courtesy of General Mills

Photo courtesy of General Mills

A little slow to get moving in the morning? You may want to swap your regular cereal out for a spicy alternative.

General Mills is introducing a new, limited-time-only spicy twist on Cinnamon Toast Crunch that is sure to be an early-morning eye opener: CinnaFuego Toast Crunch is being billed as “epic” and the first cereal “to combine sweet cinnamon and fiery spice.”

Yes, our current cultural infatuation for all things hot now extends to your humble, innocuous-looking cereal bowl.

The spicy new cereal apparently looks just like the regular kind (potential prank alert!), but it adds the “hot sensation of a spicy pepper” to the usual sweet cinnamon “Cinnadust.”

No, the absurdity of a peppery breakfast cereal is not lost on the brand. In fact, that appears to be the point of the launch of the peculiar product, which is being positioned as a snack, in addition to a bold and daring way to jumpstart your morning.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch “is always looking to give our fans the most absurd and exciting experiences,” Mindy Murray, General Mills senior marketing communications manager, said in a news release. “So when we were thinking about what to do next, we realized snack time was a moment that could be spiced up. We can’t wait for [Cinnamon Toast Crunch] lovers to try CinnaFuego, and if they dare, eat it with some milk for breakfast.”

The spicy new cereal — which comes in a snack-friendly resealable pouch, rather than a breakfast-standard cereal box — drops online on Friday, August 12, and will also be sold for a limited time, while supplies last, at

Get it while it’s … hot.

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