KFC Enters the Chicken Wars with a New Made-to-Order Sandwich

The Colonel came to win with what the chain claims is its "best ever."

January 08, 2021

Photo by: Photo courtesy of KFC

Photo courtesy of KFC

KFC may have waited a bit to enter the Chicken Sandwich Wars, which kicked off in August 2019 when Popeyes released its wildly popular Chicken Sandwich, but that’s only because the fried chicken mecca spent months perfecting its own take on the in-demand menu item.

In a press release shared on Thursday, KFC announced the arrival of the KFC Chicken Sandwich, calling the new dish “its best chicken sandwich ever.” The sandwich is currently available in select markets and will be available seven days a week in all 4,000 KFC restaurants across the country by the end of February.

The sandwich, which KFC claims will delight even those with the most discerning palettes, consists of a quarter-pound, all-white meat, double-breaded, Extra Crispy chicken breast filet, served on a freshly-toasted buttery brioche bun with crispier, thicker pickles and the perfect amount of the Colonel's real mayo or spicy sauce. What’s more? Each sandwich will be made-to-order, meaning it’ll be served piping hot every time.

“We tested the new KFC Chicken Sandwich in Orlando last spring, and we nearly doubled our sales expectations, so we knew that we had a winner,” Andrea Zahumensky, chief marketing officer, KFC U.S., said in a statement. “Many customers hadn't considered KFC as a part of the chicken sandwich conversation, but anyone who tastes this sandwich will know, without a doubt, that we're playing to win.”

Per the press release, the KFC food innovation team painstakingly tested each ingredient for the new sandwich to find the winning combination that perfectly complements the chain’s world-famous fried chicken. The team tested pickles with eight variations of thickness and collaborated with six different bakeries on more than ten recipes in order to find the right bun to “hug the new the quarter-pound, all white meat, double-breaded, Extra Crispy chicken breast filet in just the right way.”

So far, feedback on the KFC Chicken Sandwich has been pretty stellar, with one Orlando customer calling it “a life changer” during its initial test launch last spring.

To find out exactly when you can get your hands on a KFC Chicken Sandwich, you can head to KFC.com/findthesandwich to track when the sandwich is expected to arrive at your local KFC. Fans can also sign up to be notified via email so they can be among the first to try KFC's newest offering when it arrives in their area.

Customers can either purchase the sandwich on its own for $3.99, or buy it as part of a combo meal that also includes KFC Secret Recipe Fries and a medium drink for $6.99.

The debut of the KFC Chicken Sandwich comes just days after McDonald’s announced it will be adding three fried chicken sandwiches to its menu next month. Aside from the aforementioned Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, Chick-fil-A and Wendy’s have all released competing chicken sandwiches of their own.

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