KFC Brings Back Its Mind-Boggling Bunless Chicken Sandwich, The Double Down

People have been clamoring for its return after its decade-long absence.

March 02, 2023


Photo by: Photo courtesy of KFC

Photo courtesy of KFC

No ifs, ands or … buns? KFC is bringing back its late, lamented, cult-favorite bunless chicken sandwich, the KFC Double Down, after a nearly 10-year absence. The chain is doubling down on the Double Down, you might say. But the beloved menu item will make its return — dropping at KFC locations nationwide on Monday, March 6 — for only four weeks, while supplies last. So … if you want your chicken sandwich sans bun, you better run.

In case the concept of the bun-free sandwich confuses you, the KFC Double Down features two KFC Extra Crispy white meat filets sandwiching two cheese slices and two pieces of hickory-smoked bacon — with a choice of either “the Colonel’s real mayo” or spicy sauce.

Introduced in 2010, the Double Down proved instantly popular; KFC sold more than 10 million of the bunless sandwiches in the first month alone. The sandwich returned to similar fanfare in April 2014 but has been absent from menus for the better part of a decade. The sandwich’s fans have been clamoring for its return on social media and with impassioned online petitions. KFC credits the fans’ persistent pleas for its reintroduction.

“The Double Down is one of the most buzzworthy fast food menu items ever,” Nick Chavez, CMO, KFC U.S., declares in a press release. “After nearly a decade of people begging for its return, we’re embracing the chaos, bringing back our most iconic sandwich ever for just four weeks.”

For those unexcited about embracing the unbunned yet looking for something different, KFC is also debuting — also starting March 6 for a limited time only — a new Bacon & Cheese Chicken Sandwich featuring a double-breaded Extra Crispy white meat filet, cheese slice, two pieces of hickory-smoked bacon and pickles, with “the Colonel's real mayo” on a toasted brioche bun. (A bun!)

“We realize leaving the buns behind isn’t for everyone,” Chavez allowed.

The Double Down will make its return with appropriate fanfare: On Sunday, March 5, KFC will host a Double Down Drop, in which select fans can get access to the sandwich one day ahead of time. Pre-order is first-come, first-served and limited to the first 2,014 consumers (a wink at the year the sandwich was last available in the U.S.) with sign-ups starting March 2 via kfcdoubledowndrop.com. A select group of Double Down superfans will also be rewarded with custom wearable merch as they enjoy their beloved bunless sandwich.

The rest of us can anticipate chowing down on the Double Down on its own or as part of a combo meal with Secret Recipe Fries and a medium drink. It will be available for ordering in restaurants and online through the KFC app or KFC.com.

A recent KFC-conducted Twitter poll indicates that KFC fans are greeting the news of the Double Down’s return with excitement. Yet at least one commenter is still not satisfied.

“Or (hear me out now),” the person wrote. “THE TRIPLE DOWN!”

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