How to Make an Insta-Worthy Fried Egg

There are two easy tricks you can (and should) try.

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Fried eggs are always a good idea. Unfortunately, getting the perfect one is not as easy as your Insta feed may make it look. Luckily, there are a few easy tricks that can ensure a perfectly cooked and proportioned fried egg — and Elena Besser will show you how in her Bacon, Egg and Pesto Sandwich class on the Food Network Kitchen app.

After broiling bacon and whipping up a cheesy, dreamy pesto, Elena gets to the star of her killer breakfast sandwich — the eggs! She explains that eggs actually have two whites, a thin white and a thick white. When your fried egg spreads too wide in the pan, creating a less-than-appealing visual, the thin egg white is to blame. However, as Elena explains, there are two easy ways to get around that.

Option one? Set up a strainer over a bowl and crack the egg directly into it. The strainer will separate the thin egg white, leaving just the yolk and the thicker white behind. When you pour the cracked egg into a hot pan, the yolk will be evenly centered without any runaway egg white. But if you don’t have a strainer on hand (or simply don’t have the patience), you can spray a heat-proof ring mold with cooking spray, place the mold into the skillet and crack the egg right into it. Both options will result in a stunning fried egg that’s guaranteed to look and taste amazing.

When your egg is fried and ready to eat, follow Elena’s lead and place it on a toasted croissant that’s spread with pesto and layered with bacon. Once you’ve mastered the breakfast sandwich, feel free to take your fried egg skills to new heights — rice bowls, avocado toast and burgers included. After all, everything is better with an egg on top!

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