Food Network Staffers' Must-Have Kitchen Organization Products

We've got the tried-and-true essentials to get your kitchen in order.

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February 12, 2020
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Photo by: Taiyou Nomachi/Getty Images

Taiyou Nomachi/Getty Images

Here at Food Network, we recognize the valuable real estate of kitchen space. No one wants to test out a new recipe when the countertops are cluttered and the cabinets are stuffed to the seams. That's why we love these handy organization products, which range from small, countertop organizers to additional shelving (if you have the space!). Next time you're taking charge of your kitchen organization, consider picking up some of our favorite organization tools.


Rubber bands! My grandma uses rubber bands to keep all of her Tupperware lids organized and similar cooking utensils together. She even uses them to stash some plastic zip-top bags in a drawer without having the box take up a ton of space. Because they’re made of a grippy material, the products never fall out of the band, and it’s rare to find a rogue container lid in her cabinets. This is also the perfect way to hold onto all those random takeout menus you have lying around (if you haven’t thrown them away yet!). Rubber bands are a super-cheap way to keep your cabinets organized no matter what your clutter consists of. Safe to say, grandma knows best!

— T.K. Brady, Senior Editor

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It’s called a “cutting board holder”, but I use it to corral aluminum foil and plastic wrap boxes — there’s just not a natural place for them otherwise; they gobble up too much drawer space! I attached this holder to the back of a cabinet door with Velcro strips, and it’s like I magically created more storage where once was just air.

— Lauren Piro, Editorial Director

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I used to work at a spice company, and (as you might guess) my spice collection is a little out of control. I love this tiered organizer because it helps me use up the depth of my cabinets without losing sight of each of my jars. Plus, it’s expandable, so I can set it to the full width of my cabinet and maximize my storage area.

— Julie Hines, Managing Editor

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One of my favorite items to help keep my kitchen organized is a utensil caddy or “crock”. If you lack drawer space or just want certain tools ready at your disposal, these canister-like containers are perfect for your counter. This one by Umbra is expandable for maximum storage, plus a space for safely storing knives, as well.

— Amanda Neal, Recipe Developer

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To stay afloat as two full-time working parents with a ravenous toddler, my husband and I depend on make-ahead meals that we freeze to use in a pinch. Anytime we can scale up a recipe — pulled chicken, carnitas — we do. Then we vacuum-seal the extras using the Anova Precision Vacuum Sealer that my sister got us along with a sous-vide machine a few years ago. We weigh each bag as we go, then label them with the dish, date and volume, stacking them all with labels out, so it’s easy to see exactly what’s available on nights when time is tight.

— Erin Hartigan, Senior Managing Editor

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With two roommates, pantry space is precious. Rather than stuffing a bunch of ill-shaped boxes onto my shelves, I decided to get a few storage containers to house my pasta, cereal, and snacks. They have not only saved me space, but my food looks so tidy and organized on my shelves, now.

— Rachel Trujillo, Associate Content Editor

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I have basically zero storage in my kitchen, so I purchased a wire shelving unit that has revolutionized my kitchen organization! I keep my appliances, pots and pans, acrylic food storage containers, bar essentials and more on here. It can be styled in so many ways and can work in so many different spaces as I move in the future!

— Gabriela Rodiles, Social Media Manager

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I have a magnetic wall bar for my knives, and I’m obsessed with it. Not only does it make these essential tools easily accessible, but it also looks quite pretty on the wall (and takes up zero counter space).

— Tina Weber, Executive Producer

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I love a wall-mounted knife magnet and always have one in my kitchen. Knives in the drawer are dangerous (even when they have covers on them) and difficult to access. Having them right in front of you gets a bulky knife block off your counter and saves time because all the blades are visible.

— Alexis Pisciotta, Recipe Developer

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I tuck small things (like extra mason jars) and seasonal gadgets into farmhouse-style, wooden crates. I use a mix of sizes and arrange the crates with other pretty items (like a Bundt pan on a cake pedestal) so that the whole display doubles as home décor. My kitchen is clean and organized, I have more space in my cabinets and it looks like I hired an interior decorator!

— Kristie Collado, Associate Editor

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I was frantically searching through boxes of tea when I realized that I had this little organizer leftover from my bathroom renovation. I took the individually-wrapped teas out of their boxes, dropped them in the caddy and stuck it to the inside of the kitchen cabinet. Now I’ve got a little breakfast beverage nook that’s organized, but not taking up room on my counters.

— Julie Hines, Manager of Digital Programming

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We bought a house with no kitchen drawers and didn’t notice until after we moved in! So we installed sliding shelves and put utensil organizers inside their steel pull-out baskets. I love how the bamboo organizers make it super easy for me to see everything in my faux drawers without wasting an inch of valuable space.

— Meghan Hynes Cole, Associate Editor

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