This Non-Alcoholic Beer Is the Reason I’m Trying Dry January

Athletic Brewing's "survival kit" comes with everything I need.

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December 16, 2020
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Dry January isn't my thing. There, I said it. Sure, I've cheered on plenty of friends throughout their sober endeavors in the new year and laughed when they joked that the month of January does, in fact, have 87 days in it. But join them? Nah. Cold January evenings are meant for enjoying a dark oatmeal stout alongside a hearty stew, if you ask me. The thought of forgoing my Friday night at-home happy hour (or Sunday afternoon sip) with my husband in 2021 honestly never crossed my mind.

I didn't see the point. I already cut back to beer just on the weekends (hangovers are the devil). And I don't imbibe every day, so why call it quits for a month? I'm not ashamed to admit I look forward to relaxing with a drink; as someone who appreciates the refreshing taste of a coriander-spiced witbier as much as a creamy Guinness, I thought giving up alcohol for four whole weekends sounded like torture.

But when I heard Athletic Brewing put together a Dry January Survival Kit, complete with a nonalcoholic beer for every day of the month and a fun branded beer glass, I was intrigued. You see, I've been stocking a good part of our basement beer fridge with Athletic's brews since, well, it wouldn't stop flooding my Instagram feed about six month ago. (Was the universe trying to tell me something?)

While we love our alcoholic supply, comprised of hazy IPAs, chocolate stouts, pucker-inducing goses, spicy winter lagers and more, my husband and I have discovered that a great-tasting nonalcoholic beer really can be quite satisfying. And Athletic, founded in 2017, is producing nonalcoholic beers that are just as flavorful as their intoxicating equivalents — mainly because they're created by beer lovers.

So, if I can still sip something delicious, how horrible can Dry January be?

I've already tried many of the craft beers in Athletic's Dry January Survival Kit, and I can say without hesitation that they do not disappoint. Now armed with five six-packs of the brewer's best, I'm looking forward to the first month of 2021.

Make sure you order yours before Dec. 20 so you're ready to go come Jan. 1!

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