This Chic Rolling Patio Cooler Makes Outdoor Entertaining So Much Easier

In the middle of a summer spent hopping from backyard picnics to restaurant patios, I can't get away from this incredible cooler.

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July 08, 2021

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Photo by: Permasteel


Let’s set the scene. You’ve invited a few people over to the backyard, and icy drinks are in order. How do you keep the beverages cool? If it were my backyard, I’d fill a giant metal bucket with ice and throw some beers in there, then put the wine in my fridge and people would have to trek through my kitchen to get it. Effective. Elegant? Not so much.

Whatever your drink setup is, I guarantee you can up the ante with a small but mighty rolling patio cooler. Let me explain.

A few weeks ago, I spotted a very particular and unique cooler at my favorite restaurant in the whole world, Via Carota in New York City. It was a hot day — upwards of 90 degrees — but we’d nevertheless agreed to outdoor dining because their setup captures your imagination, transporting you to a scene in Midnight In Paris or perhaps somewhere on the Italian coast. There are cranberry-colored umbrellas, uncomfortable but undeniably charming metal chairs and tables, and of course twinkling lights galore.

My friend and I wilted backwards onto our chairs; our long floral dresses slicked to our legs with sweat, but we were revived with sparkling beverages (either seltzer, or beer, or both — I can’t quite remember) pulled straight from the bowels of an Aperol-colored cooler.

Snap, hiss, clang. A waiter removed a bottle cap using an opener on the side of the cooler, and the cap fell into a built-in container below. This was undeniably a very cool feature, which we didn’t question — just admired — because it naturally belonged to a very cool establishment.

Several weeks later, THE rolling cooler cropped up again. I was at a cocktail party on a co-worker’s chic roof. Read: I was at a food person’s house drinking with other food people. Lo and behold, there was the very same cooler in a different juicy color keeping an arsenal of beers cold. I noticed that in addition to the built-in bottle opener, the cooler had wheels so you can move it around, depending on your party setup.

At this point, I realized that the cooler was a thing. People who really loved and knew drinks owned it. And I can understand why. Although the cooler itself is petite enough to fit into a small corner (it’s 35.5-inches long), it can hold up to 110 twelve-ounce cans and ice and keep them cold for up to 36 hours. Plus, if you have a covered patio, you can always leave it outside and it’ll actually add to the ambiance (and if you don’t simply throw a cover on it) — no hauling back and forth necessary.

Because I care about you, I did some digging and found the darn link. So now everyone can entertain in style like the queens and kings we are.

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