A Beatrix Potter-Inspired Easter Egg Roll Party

Throw a fun backyard bash with a classic storybook vibe that the kids are sure to love this Easter. Inspired by The Tale of Peter Rabbit, this party is the perfect backdrop for those sweet Easter outfits you’ve picked out for the children this year. With egg decorating, homemade buntings, DIY centerpieces, and special carrot-and-ranch snacks, this is one Easter bash that won’t be garden-variety.

Backyard Buffet

This is one party fit for the outdoors! A manicured lawn, local park or community garden would all serve as ideal backdrops for a garden-inspired Easter party.

A Bunny’s Tale

Beatrix Potter’s classic, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, inspired this backyard get-together. The enchanting illustrations provide the perfect palette for an outdoor party –– purple, blue, green and taupe.

Layering the Table

Add interest and detail to your table by layering several linens on top of one another. Start with a bright-colored base layer, then create texture by adding antique lace and burlap runners in neutral colors on top.


A handmade “bunny tail” garland made from classic white knitting yarn and twine adds the perfect touch of whimsy to a buffet table. Learn how to make pompoms with this step-by-step tutorial, then attach them to a long piece of natural twine.

A Clever Arrangement

To re-create a classic scene from Peter Rabbit, simply place a stuffed bunny inside a vintage tin watering can.

Fun Details

The little ones are sure to recognize and love the simple references to Potter’s classic tale that are visible throughout the space.

Freshly Picked

Your custom centerpieces are as easy to assemble as taking a trip to the produce section of your local grocery store! We filled vintage wooden crates with fresh and vibrant cabbage, carrots, beets and lettuce –– all things Peter would have liked! Hostess tip: To make the crate look full, place a rolled towel in the bottom of your crate or container to prop up the veggies.

Hop to It

Forgo precious silver for high-quality disposable flatware, which looks great when arranged in antique glass Mason jars. Carry out the theme by tying sweet “bunny tails” around the jars with twine as a nod to the hero of Potter’s story.

Pretty Pasta

When planning your brunch menu, make the prep easier by opting for dishes that can be served at room temperature. This asparagus-lemon pasta salad is the perfect light entree for a midday meal, and can be prepared and refrigerated ahead of time.

Get the Recipe: Asparagus Lemon Pasta Salad

Sweet Thing

Kids and adults alike will love this sweet recipe for Trisha's Strawberry Cupcakes. Top each one with a slice of fresh strawberry with the stem still attached, then pile the whole batch high on a multitiered cake stand for a bright and tasty focal point.

Get the Recipe: Lizzie's Strawberry Cupcakes

DIY Carrot Snacks

Use small terra cotta planters to create delightful treats by placing brown cupcake liners inside each pot. This will create the base for carrot-and-ranch snacks.

Potter’s Treat

Fill each pot with a generous layer of store-bought ranch dressing, then add a few peeled baby carrots. Just like that, your regular clay pots can become cute rabbit snacks that kids will adore!

Egg Decorating: Speckled Eggs

Create your own speckled eggs using food coloring and washable acrylic paint. Fill a glass with water and 2-3 drops of food coloring, then submerge each egg for five minutes to create a base color. Next, use an old toothbrush to speckle each egg with dark gray acrylic paint.

Decorated Eggs

Use the original egg carton to let the eggs air-dry after speckling. Then set out of reach until it’s time to do the traditional Easter egg roll!

A Fun Activity

Create a spoon-decorating station for party guests with wooden spoons and spools of various patterned ribbon in your colors of purple, blue and green. The spoons will later be used in the traditional Easter egg lawn game.

The Finished Product

Both kids and adults alike will enjoy the simple craft of decorating wooden spoons. Inspired by the ancient springtime “Maypole” activity, there are endless ways to adorn each one, and guests will be proud to flaunt their creativity. Hostess tip: Ask guests to bring their own wooden spoon from home to decorate!

Roll with It

The hand-decorated spoons and eggs can then be used to compete in an official Easter egg roll! In this classic lawn game, participants race to roll an egg from one side of the lawn to the other without breaking the egg. May the best roller win!

by Camille Styles, photos by Kate LeSueur

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