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Under the Crust

Each team was given a digital camera to document life on the road and capture behind-the-scenes shots of day-to-day filming, challenges and competitors. Gary, Hannah and Sheri of Under the Crust snapped pictures of their food truck, rival teams and the Great Food Truck Race crew.

Meet the Competitors

On the first day of the competition, the cast and crew met up for casual introductions. Here, a member of Under the Crust caught the Seoul Sausage guys in a relaxed moment before filming began.

A Dream Come True

For Under the Crust's Hannah, this food truck was the realization of a dream that she imagined with her late fiancé, Keith. When she first saw it, she simply said in awe, "It is everything, everything I dreamed of."

Riding Shotgun

To capture the best television-worthy moments of the teams between challenges, a Great Food Truck Race crew member rode with the teams in their trucks and vehicles. Here, Under the Crust turned the camera on this videographer to catch a glimpse of the person behind the lens.


Even with a packed schedule of driving, cooking and selling, the teams and crew enjoyed a few moments free from the stress of the competition — though they were largely spent waiting for filming to resume.

Motherly Advice

As both Hannah's mom and teammate, Sheri was at her best keeping her daughter calm and the team on schedule. After a slow start to the first day of challenges, she suggested that they spend the rest of the night prepping and cooking instead of looking for a high-profile parking space.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Though the competition between trucks was fierce, Pop-A-Waffle's Bobaloo maintained a friendly relationship with Under the Crust, even visiting their car for a low-key game of fruit phone tag.

Lunch Break

Under the Crust snapped this candid shot of Nonna's Kitchenette during off-camera mealtime, when the trucks came together despite their rivalries on the road.


Despite Under the Crust's early elimination, Hannah promised that she will indeed keep her and Keith's dream alive. "I'm glad I got good feedback about my food," she said. "I'm not just going to stop what I do."