People in Which Field Drink the Most Coffee at Work?

Which profession drinks the most coffee? You probably think it's yours. And if you're a journalist or media staffer, hoist a mug in your own honor, because you're right.

According to a survey of professionals conducted by the U.K.-based PR company Pressat, journalists down more cups of joe — upward of four cups a day — than those working in any other profession. Ink-stained wretches are also drenched with java. Blame the long days, late nights and pressing deadlines.

Police officers and teachers, both with high-stress jobs as well, were also found to be big consumers of caffeine, coming in second and third, respectively, on Pressat's list of the 10 top professions for coffee drinking.

Plumbers and trade workers were in fourth place, followed by, in order, nurses and medical workers, company execs, telephone sales staff, IT tech support, retail workers and drivers.

Of all 10,000 professionals surveyed, 85 percent reported that they drink at least three cups of coffee every day. Men drink about 5 percent more coffee than women. And almost 70 percent said their ability to work would be compromised without at least one cup of coffee a day.

I'd tell you more, but I think I hear my coffeepot calling …
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