Oreo Releases What It’s Dubbing the ‘Most Oreo Oreo’

The creme filling has 'real Oreo grind' mixed into it, making it all very 'meta.'

January 25, 2023


Photo by: Photo courtesy of Oreo

Photo courtesy of Oreo

Oreo is nothing if not playful. The brand has released countless iterations of its iconic cookie — some of them limited-edition, some permanent. It has even collaborated on a juicy red wine. So when Oreo says it is introducing its “most playful cookie ever,” it’s worth paying attention.

The new, limited-edition variety — the Most Oreo Oreo — starts with two chocolate-flavored “basecakes,” which are “playfully packed with ‘Most Stuf’ levels of creme,” according to a press release. Then, “for the first time ever, the creme has real Oreo grind mixed in,” rendering the whole thing “meta” because it is “a cookie quite literally stuffed with itself.”

Cookie-loving mind … blown.

The Most Oreo Oreo cookie is currently available for pre-sale on Oreo.com. Starting January 30, the brand will roll it out to retail stores nationwide, although it will be available only for a limited time.

Underscoring the cookie’s “playful” and “meta” themes, Oreo is also unveiling a metaverse experience — The Oreoverse” — in which fans can play multi-level cookie-themed games and compete for prizes, including a $50,000 grand prize. The Oreoverse can be accessed in Meta Horizon Worlds or on Oreoverse.Oreo.com.

“By scanning the pack,” cookie fans “will ‘dunk into’ the new Oreoverse world,” Julia Rosenbloom, Oreo senior brand manager, notes in the release.

OREOVERSE Martha Stewart Ryan McCallister

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Oreo

Photo courtesy of Oreo

Oreo lovers can also watch Martha Stewart (apparently an Oreo lover herself, albeit a “metaverse novice”) navigate the Oreoverse by tuning in to @Oreo on Facebook or @Oreo on Instagram on Monday, January 30 at 10 a.m. ET.

“Oreo is the cookie that begs to be played with and we love to create new opportunities for our fans to connect with each other and share that playful spirit,” Rosenbloom said. “The Most Oreo Oreo cookie gives fans a whole new way to playfully engage with us.”

And you thought playing with your Oreo stopped at opening it up and scraping the Stuf off with your teeth …

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