Pizza Hut and YouTuber Airrack Break the Record for World’s Largest Pizza

The chain and the content creator were each marking a milestone.

January 24, 2023

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Pizza Hut Worlds Largest Pizza

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Pizza Hut

Photo courtesy of Pizza Hut

As if bringing back a beloved menu item after a 24-year absence wasn’t a big enough deal, Pizza Hut has marked the return of its New York-style pizza “The Big New Yorker” in an especially go-big-or-go-home way. Last week, the brand teamed up with popular YouTuber Airrack (real name: Eric Decker) to break the Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Pizza.

The record-breaking pizza was made on January 18 at the Los Angeles Convention Center using the recipe for Pizza Hut’s Big New Yorker pizza, naturally, and covered 13,990 square feet of surface area. It featured approximately 13,653 pounds of dough, 4,948 pounds of sweet marinara sauce, more than 8,800 pounds of cheese, and about 630,496 slices of pepperoni. Once the pizza was assembled, with toppings applied, it was baked on site in sections. And no, it didn’t go to waste. Once the record was verified, the pizza was donated to local charities.

The stunt, which also fulfilled a promise Airrack made to his fans in the event that he reached 10 million subscribers, followed last week’s announcement that Pizza Hut plans to reintroduce “The Big New Yorker” for a limited time only at participating restaurants nationwide on February 1. (Hut Rewards members will get advance Big New Yorker access starting January 31. Your nearest Pizza Hut location can be found here.)

The New York pizzeria-style pizza — an extra-large 16-inch pizza featuring “six oversized, foldable slices with crispy crust and bold flavors including sweet marinara sauce and Parmesan oregano seasoning on top,” according to a brand description — was removed from menus in the 1990s and is now being back in response to long-standing agitation for its return.

“Our customers have been begging us to bring back the Big New Yorker for more than two decades, so we knew we had to do something big. That’s why we’re setting this Guinness World Records title,” David Graves, president of Pizza Hut, says in a press release.

Incidentally, it’s not Pizza Hut’s first Guinness World Records rodeo. The chain already holds the title for the highest altitude pizza delivery on land. It set that record in 2016, when it delivered pizza to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania — at an altitude of 19,341 feet.

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