Gwyneth Paltrow’s Incredibly Organized Pantry Puts Yours to Shame

It probably won’t come as any kind of surprise to you that Gwyneth Paltrow’s pantry is, almost assuredly, more organized than yours. But just how much more organized it is may stun you a bit. Really, you might want to sit down before you take in this photo of the actress-turned-lifestyle guru’s kitchen closet recently posted on Instagram.

The fresh white larder in her East Hamptons, New York, home is all carefully aligned beverage bottles (sparkling waters, mostly), prettily labeled mason jars, and lined woven baskets of various sizes, with handwritten tags letting a hungry prowler know without having to paw through the contents what they will find inside: “mixes,” “rice,” “grains,” “legumes + seeds” — and three large baskets of “pasta.” (So much pasta, Gwyneth!)

Still, you can’t totally credit Paltrow with the remarkable level of organization. Paltrow’s pantry (say that 10 times fast) was professionally organized by Nashville-based home organization company The Home Edit. The organizationally gifted people behind the company remarked in a photo caption that getting the Goop founder’s home in ship shape was “the most fun few days of our life” and readying the pantry for the summer season, using “white, wood, and glass products to hold the essentials while keeping it light and airy,” was a particular “highlight.”

Impressive, but even if most of us somehow managed to achieve this level of organization, it probably wouldn’t last more than five minutes, especially in households with kids. Is it uncharitable to say that the same can probably be said of Paltrow’s professionally organized playroom, which The Home Edit curated as well?

“We divided the room into activities on the left, and leisure on the right, and created zones for reading, games, art, crafts, and science,” The Home Edit noted in a photo caption for that room.

Who’s going to explain that system to the kids?

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