Is Victoria Beckham’s Go-To Snack a Single Carrot?

That’s what she reportedly sent husband David Beckham out to fetch for her.

Just … one … carrot.

That’s what Victoria Beckham sent her soccer-legend husband, David Beckham, into a health-food store in Australia to fetch for her as she sat waiting outside in the car.

We all have our cravings, and when your go-to birthday cake is just fruit carved into the shape of a cake (no actual cake!), then it probably makes sense that your snack food is equally low in calories, carbs and excitement. But still, couldn’t the former Spice Girl-turned-fashion-brand maybe at least have ordered two or three?


The fetching of the single carrot reportedly occurred while the Beckham family was visiting the Sydney area for the Invictus Games the other week. During their stay in an affluent harborside suburb, Mosman, they apparently grew quite fond of the eats at a local health-food shop, Fresh Blend, repeatedly stopping by to avail themselves of the joint’s Acai bowls, salads and smoothies.

During one such trip to pick up an Acai bowl, David asked for a single carrot for the missus. (The visit has been memorialized here.)

“David said that his wife absolutely loves the carrots in Australia – and his only request was that I peel it,” Fresh Blend proprietor Katrina Magill told the local news source Mosman Collective. “So I cut it up into carrot sticks, popped it into a cup – and he took it out to the car where she was sitting!”

Now we all know what she wants, what she really, really wants.

Photo courtesy of @freshblendsmoothies

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