Katy Perry Shoved Countless Chicken Nuggets in Her Mouth on Japanese TV

Does the pop singer have a future as a competitive eater?

Katy Perry as a competitive eater? Hmmm. Maybe not so much. But part of her may nurse the dream, and she can’t be faulted for a lack of effort.

During an appearance on Thursday on a Japanese morning show, Sukkiri, the pop singer shoved a preposterous number of chicken nuggets — from the Japanese convenience store Lawson — into her mouth as the hosts stood around her, looking alarmed and laughing uneasily. (“Bon Appetit,” indeed.)

Alas, Perry declined to actually swallow the nuggets she’d chipmunked, instead spitting them back out into the cute container from which she had moments before plucked them. One of the hosts tried to shield the unpretty upchucking from the eyes of TV watchers, but it was a lost cause.

Perry, for her part, appeared only briefly affected by her mouth-stuffing moment. Sipping water through a straw afterwards and exclaiming about her love for all things nugget. (She had elected the “Regular” variety for the stunt, bypassing “Cheese” and “Red,” whatever that is.)

“I know, I need to learn a lot from you guys,” Perry said once she had regained her composure – and her ability to speak. (Was she referring to Japan’s embrace of competitive eating? Those who do not understand whatever was said in Japanese to prompt her admission can only guess.) “But I love them so much – and the ones from Lawson – ahhhh!”

Perry is apparently a notorious fan of snacks in general and nuggets in particular.

“My dog’s name is nugget. She looks like a chicken nugget,” Perry said in a behind-the-scenes “American Idol” video about her “eating habits” while judging. “Because I love chicken nuggets.”

Nuggets: She scarfs them down and she likes it.

Photo: iStock

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