This Biscuit-Making Method May Blow Your Mind

Erika Council’s Tweet has sparked passionate biscuit conversation.

July 14, 2020

Biting into a really great biscuit can be mind-blowing, but who knew biscuit-making methodology could blow our minds? Yet it has, thanks to a Twitter post shared the other day by food writer and biscuit guru — actually, she calls herself a “Biscuit Jedi,” and who’ll argue? — Erika Council.

Council, who blogs about Southern cooking at her website Southern Soufflé and hosts Biscuit Pop-Ups in Atlanta, tweeted a video now watched more than 80,000 times showing a hand freeing biscuits from the cutaway edges after having been baked in them!

“This method of keeping the edges around the biscuits while they bake is popular on my IG,” Council captioned the video. “Is this a regional thing?(N.C) Growing up,Sunday biscuits were always baked like this Big Mama” — presumably her grandmother, cookbook author and restaurateur Mildred (Mama Dip) Council — “would say use the edges like a spoon to eat sausage gravy.”

Council punctuated her post with an upside-down smiley face, and that proved prescient, because, judging from the comments, including many from other food writers, her post clearly turned a lot of people’s world’s happily upside down.

One commenter called it “logical genius!”

Another howled about having "wasted my biscuit life until this moment.”

“My mind is blown right now,” yet another shared.

To be sure, there were dissenters: those who advocated for square biscuits as a saver of time, energy and dough; others who favor combining and re-rolling the leftover scraps as fodder for more biscuits.

There were also, inevitably, a few commenters already in the know: “I'm from south GA. We have a family recipe for ‘twiglet biscuits’ that is basically this, but in a cast iron skillet, as one does,” shared one apparently knowledgeable biscuit maker. “They're absolutely delicious. The little edges are the ‘twiglets.’”

Of course, whether you file this under “brand new” or “been-there-done-that,” Council’s method raises a question: What does one do with the scraps, er… twiglets? (Surely not throw them away!)

Regarding this, as so many other things, the Twittersphere has offered solutions:

“Who wouldn't like biscuit extras for soppin' sausage gravy?” suggested a creative problem solver.

“Sausage gravy spoons made out of biscuits?” someone responded. “Sign me up.”

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