McDonald’s Customer Asks for ‘Extra Pickles,’ Gets 25 of Them

The Reddit post has sparked a lively debate: Were the pickles passive aggressive, or just generous?

February 28, 2022

Photo by: @lostcrafts/Reddit


Here’s one to file under “careful what you wish for.” A McDonald’s customer making a special request apparently got more than they bargained for on a recent order.

“Asked for extra pickles and got 25,” a Reddit user, @lostcrafts, posted a few days ago on the “mildly interesting” subreddit, atop a photo of a humble cheeseburger heaped with pickle slices.

And other Redditors are definitely loving it: The post has generated 2.4K comments in four days.

“I used to work at a sandwich shop. When people ask for extra, they WILL receive extra,” one commenter wrote.

That comment prompted the original poster to respond, “I was thrilled! I thought McDonald’s had a strict ‘extra pickles means 4’ rule or something.”

Which in turn elicited the following reply from the erstwhile sandwich shop worker: “It honestly depends on whoever is working. Maybe they shared your love of pickles and wanted you to have a good day.”

A lively discussion ensued in which several Reddit users offered varied opinions on whether the whopping pile of pickles was a positive gesture of generosity or a hostile response from an irritated fast-food worker.

“It’s definitely one of these two options, either ‘hell yeah my pickle dude’ or ‘[expletive] this pickle guy,’” summed up one commenter.

One labeled the pickles on the original poster’s cheeseburger “passive aggressive pickles.”

Another thought it was no big dill, writing, “Im absolutely ok with this amount of pickles.”

And yet another said the photo looked like “My burger when I ask for no pickle.”

And then there were those who shared their own special-request stories, such as one user who remembered asking for as many extra pickles as workers were allowed to give at Panera: ”I drive to the drive in window and the girls are all laughing as they hand me 2 entire soup containers with pickles in them. About 30 pickle spears in all,” the person recalled.

And was the person sour about the alarming number of pickles? Not even half. “I ate all of them,” the commenter reported.

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