McDonald’s Offering Big Mac Sauce as an ‘Extra Side’

For the first time, the tangy-sweet sauce is being offered apart from the Big Mac.

April 21, 2023


Photo by: Photo courtesy of McDonald's

Photo courtesy of McDonald's

These are exciting times for McDonald’s burger and Big Mac fans — that’s for sure. Mere days after sharing news of plans to make several improvements to its burgers, the fast-food chain has announced that, for the first time, it will release the sauce heretofore served only on Big Macs (a.k.a. “Mac sauce,” “special sauce” or “secret sauce”) additionally as its own distinct item … in little dippable (or pourable, we’d imagine) containers you can pair with any McDonald’s menu item.

“Fans have been asking for an extra side of our famous Big Mac sauce for years. And now, it’s finally getting its moment in the spotlight on our menu,” McDonald’s says in a news release of the “creamy, tangy, slightly sweet and perfectly dippable” sauce first introduced on Big Macs nationally in 1968.

Big Mac sauce dip cups —with blue and silver packaging inspired by the original Big Mac sandwich wraps — will be available as an “extra side” with orders placed via the McDonald’s app for a limited time, while supplies last, starting April 27 at participating McDonald’s locations nationwide.

You can get the sauce with the purchase of Chicken McNuggets at no extra charge or order it a la carte so you can use it on any McDonald’s item you wish: fries, hash browns, cheeseburgers — you name it. (You want to put Big Mac sauce on a baked apple pie? Hey, you do you.)

When McDonald’s gave away 10,000 bottles of Big Mac sauce across the U.S. in 2017, people on social media went bonkers for it. And people seem pretty excited about this news as well.

“LETS GOOOOO!!!!!!!!” exclaimed one person on Twitter, in response to the saucy news.

“Finally,” another weighed in.

Wrote a third: “The masses rejoice.”

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