’Tis The Season for Cinnabon Frosting Pints

You can now indulge in the chain’s signature cream cheese frosting by the spoonful.

November 08, 2021

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Cinnabon

Photo courtesy of Cinnabon

There’s nothing like biting into a fresh, gooey cinnamon roll. And while we love everything about that sweet and indulgent pastry, our favorite part may just be licking the icing off the top. In fact, we enjoy the icing so much, we sometimes wish we could order just the icing once in a while and enjoy it by the spoonful.

Perhaps that sounds like nothing more than a fantasy, but it’s now reality. Beginning November 8, Cinnabon is bringing back its Signature Frosting Pints for a limited time at select bakeries nationwide and on the new Cinnabon app. That means, now, you don’t have to scrape it off a cinnamon roll to get your pure, uninterrupted taste of cream cheese frosting, because pints of the same frosting are available for the taking. And you can do anything you wish with it – including enjoy it by said spoonful.

“There’s no better way to truly bring to life our ‘Life Needs Frosting’ motto than with a delicious pint of our Signature Frosting,” said Michael Alberici, Vice President of Marketing, Cinnabon. “Our signature frosting is a versatile way to add sweetness during a season when people are craving it - whether it’s enhancing holiday recipes and treats, enjoying it as a treat on its own, gifting it to friends and family or adding a little extra to top off your Cinnabon cinnamon rolls.”

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Cinnabon

Photo courtesy of Cinnabon

The possibilities are endless, from using it as a topping on waffles to perhaps elevating a classic grilled cheese, or even working it into dessert cocktails. While shopping for those pints, you may want to pick up some CinnaPacks of Cinnabon’s cinnamon rolls and PecanBons. It is the holiday season, after all.

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