Pillsbury and Lisa Frank Bring Back Their Unicorn Sugar Cookie

We can't get enough of the sweet nostalgia.

January 19, 2023

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Pillsbury

Photo courtesy of Pillsbury

As we are a few weeks into a new year, holiday baking may feel like it is finally behind us. But before we know it, Valentine’s Day will be here. After that, there’s all sorts of spring occasions to prepare for. And as we’re planning our menus for Easter Sunday, we may just want to celebrate the bright and sunny season by adding a bit of color to the mix.

No one does color like Lisa Frank, full of bright rainbows and unicorns, while Pillsbury has a handle on the classic sugar cookie. So, what happens when they team up? Magic is what happens. Pillsbury joined forces with the iconic Lisa Frank brand once again to bring back Pillsbury Lisa Frank Unicorn Shape Sugar Cookie Dough just in time for all our springtime baking.

This limited-edition cookie dough presents the familiar Pillsbury sugar cookie dough we know and love, but kicks it up a notch with a Lisa Frank unicorn design. This mashup made an appearance in the holiday season of 2021, and is back and both ready to bake or safely enjoy raw.

Whether you want to add some color to your treats or just want to have a touch of nostalgia in your springtime baking, this is one exciting cookie dough that we’re excited to see has returned. And why limit it to just eating it as a straight up cookie? This could make for rather fun and unique sugar cookie ice cream sandwiches or sundae garnishes as well.

Pillsbury Lisa Frank Unicorn Shape Sugar Cookie Dough is available right now in stores nationwide for $3.50 per box. As it is once again limited-edition, if you like this collab, you may want to stock up. There’s never a bad time to add some sugar and color to our lives.

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