Pokémon Oreos Are Finally Here – But You May Not Find the Rarest of Them All

The anticipated collab will feature cookies embossed with 16 different Pokémon, but some will be harder to find than others.

September 08, 2021

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Oreo

Photo courtesy of Oreo

OREO is never a brand to shy away from fun new flavors and formats, from gluten-free to Lady Gaga-inspired Pink Chromatica cookies, but their latest partnership may be the biggest dose of nostalgia-driven fun yet.

As teased earlier this summer, OREO has joined forces with Pokémon to create a limited-edition Pokémon x OREO cookie pack. This limited-edition collaboration will be a dream-come-true for Pokémon fans, with 16 unique cookie embossments that feature well-known Pokémon characters like Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle.

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Oreo

Photo courtesy of Oreo

Those who played Pokémon growing up may remember there’s also a bit of a challenge element to this series, and to that end, some of these cookies will be as hard to find as spotting some of the characters were once upon a time.

Each pack is randomly filled, so that means that each one will not necessarily include all the characters, meaning you may need to pick up a few packs to get the exact character design you want. (We see what you did there, OREO!) While some characters will be pretty easy to find, others may be harder. For example, Mew is only on a very limited amount of the total cookies produced, so that’s exciting if you happen to get one.

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Oreo

Photo courtesy of Oreo

The new Pokémon x OREO cookie pack will be available beginning September 8, where they will become available for preorder on OREO.com but can be found at retailers nationwide starting September 13, while supplies last.

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