Viral Tweet Sparks Debate Over the Best Ice Cream Truck Treats

Chipwich vs. Creamsicle: Where do you stand?

June 08, 2021


Photo by: Alberto Manuel Urosa Toledano/Getty

Alberto Manuel Urosa Toledano/Getty

With the official start of summer just days away, ice cream is on the forefront of a lot of people’s minds. That’s probably why a tweet that asked social media users to choose their one go-to ice cream truck order went viral last week.

The tweet, which was shared by director Andrea Nordgren on June 3, simply read “Reveal yourself” and included a picture of 15 different ice cream varieties with the question “What are you ordering from the ice cream truck?” Among the choices is a Choco Taco, a Snow Cone, a Creamsicle and more.

In the days since the tweet was first shared, it has been liked more than 102,000 times and received thousands of comments in which Twitter users from all over the world are proudly revealing their favorite frozen treat. “I’ve eaten all of these except spongebob and powerpuff,” Nordgren later added.

Given that there were so many options to choose from, there wasn’t exactly a clear consensus, but some ice cream bars were clearly more popular than others. Many people expressed a fondness for desserts modeled after cartoon characters, like the Powerpuff Girls Bar or the SpongeBob Bar (which can sometimes look a little worse for wear) while others chose chocolatey treats such as a Drumstick or a Choco Taco.

Regardless of which ice cream reigns supreme, this tweet clearly brought back treasured summer memories for many Twitter users, and some even shared old photos of themselves enjoying their favorite ice cream pops many years ago. Talk about a sweet way to kick off the summer season!

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